CANNABIS CORPSE Share Video for New Song, “Blunt Force Domain”

Stoner death metal icons CANNABIS CORPSE have shared the official lyric video for their new song, “Blunt Force Domain,” which is taken from their upcoming full-length, ‘Nug So Vile!’ The video was once again created by CANNABIS CORPSE drummer Josh “Hallhammer” Hall and can be viewed at THIS LOCATION.

‘Nug So Vile’ is due on November 1 via Season of Mist! The album was mixed and mastered at Blaze of Torment Studio by Jarrett Pritchard. The artwork, which was created by Par Olofson, and tracklisting have been revealed and can be viewed below.

CANNABIS CORPSE vocalist/bassist Phil “Landphil” Hall comments, “Hey stoners! Here is another pot-provoking jam from the forthcoming album, ‘Nug So Vile.’ It’s just a quick lyric video to satisfy anyone jonezing for some weed metal. Stay tuned though! We just finished shooting an amazing video with My Good Eye Visuals that should be finished in the next couple weeks!”

‘Nug So Vile’ can be pre-ordered HERE.

‘Nug So Vile’ Tracklist:
1. Conquerors of Chronageddon (03:15)
2. Nug So Vile (03:08)
3. Blunt Force Domain (03:43)
4. Cylinders of Madness (02:42)
5. Blasphemy Made Hash (03:40)
6. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary (03:23)
7. Edibles Autopsy (03:14)
8. Dawn of Weed Possession (03:27)
9. The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone) (02:21)
10. The Ultimate Indicantation (03:57)
11. From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration **BONUS TRACK** (02:53)

CANNABIS CORPSE’s latest strain of weed-metal is another potent dose of bong ripping brutality laced with tasty riffs, vicious drumming, and dank THC. With a title inspired by CRYPTOPSY’s seminal album, ‘Nug So Vile’ is a horrifying look into the mind of a hardcore marijuana abuser with the demented fantasies of a reefer addict fully on display. The record is more than just a mere follow up to 2017’s ‘Left Hand Pass,’ but rather serves as a solid companion piece, seamlessly picking up right where the band left off.

Sharing a passion for marijuana and death metal, brothers Phil “Landphil” Hall (MUNICIPAL WASTE, IRON REAGAN) and Josh “Hallhammer” Hall formed CANNABIS CORPSE in 2006 in Richmond, VA as a loving homage to the genre’s forefathers. The brothers decided from the start to separate themselves from the pack by infusing a green sense of humor into their horror-inspired lyrics. Meanwhile, it has become a badge of honor for many of the Halls’ idols to have one of their titles parodied by the Richmond outfit.

Now, CANNABIS CORPSE has returned as a three-piece and despite slimming the line-up down since ‘Left Hand Pass,’ ‘Nug So Vile’ still sounds as full and thick as ever, solidifying their place among death metal’s elite. So, roll a blunt, grab a neckbrace, and get prepare yourself for another nasty assault from the kings of weed metal.

Style: Marijuana Death Metal

Phil “Landphil” Hall: vocals, bass
Josh “HallHammer” Hall: drums
Adam Gulliams: guitars

Cover art: Par Olofson

Guest Musicians: Brandon Ellis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), guitars on “Blasphemy Made Hash”

Recording and Mixing: Blaze of Torment Studio, Jarrett Pritchard

Producer/engineer: Philip Hall and Josh Hall

Mastering: Jarrett Prichard

For more on CANNABIS CORPSE, visit the band’s official FACEBOOKTWITTER, and INSTAGRAM.


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