“Maruta” is a Real Life Horror Story

CARNATION have been thinking an awful lot about death. That’s not surprising. After all, they are a death metal band who just crushed the stage at Graspop. But their upcoming third album ‘Cursed Mortality’ casts these Belgians in a deeper and even darker light. 

Whereas the title track showed a new side of Carnation, reflecting on the slow passage of time with gloomy synths and clean vocals, their new single goes back to the band’s hard and fast roots. Riffs thrash and squeal in between blistering drum fills, while Simon Duson roars about a death factory fueled by the fires of war.

“Maruta” comes from a dark moment in human history. The song gets its name from Manshu Detachment 731, a covert research and development unit under the Imperial Japanese Army that performed lethal experiments during World War II. They referred to their test subjects as Maruta, which means “logs”. 

“Those who desire brutality, look no further”, says Duson. “Maruta is here to crush your skull with trashy hooks, groovy beats and punishing death metal riffs!”  

“Maruta” is the second single off ‘Cursed Mortality’, which comes out on November 3rd via Season of Mist. Pre-save the album HERE. Pre-orders will start later this year. 

Tour Dates
08/26 Jena, DE @ Rock am Wehr [TICKETS]
09/23 St. Pölten, AU @ STP Metal Weekend [TICKETS]
11/03 Heist-op-den-Berg, BE @ Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg [TICKETS]
12/16 Izegem, BE @ Death Row  

1.Herald of Demise (04:03) feat. Andy LaRocque)
2.Maruta (04:07) [WATCH HERE]
3.Metropolis (03:24)
4.Replicant (03:49)
5.Dutroux (03:48)
6.Submerged in Deafening Silence (04:26)
7.Cycle of Suffering (04:05)
8.Cursed Mortality (07:30) [WATCH HERE]

The surreal cover art for “Cursed Mortality” was created by the late, great Mariusz Lewandowski, whose dark and surreal vision perfectly captures the feel of this album. Lord of the Logos’ Christophe Szpajdel created a brand new logo and symbol to reflect the band’s new era.  

Photo by Gaëlle Spaas

Style: Death Metal


Simon Duson:   Vocals
Jonathan Verstrepen:  Lead Guitar
Bert Vervoort:             Rhythm Guitar
Yarne Heylen:             Bass Guitar
Vincent Verstrepen:     Drums

Recording studio: Project Zero Studio

Producer / Mixing engineer: Yarne Heylen

Mastering studio and engineer: Joel Wanasek


Pre-save (single): https://fanlink.to/Maruta

Pre-save (album)https://orcd.co/cursedmortalitypresave

Available Formats:
CD digipak
12” vinyl in various colours


Disturbingly Good


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