Carousel Kings Release New Single “Tragic” featuring Rory Rodriguez

“Tragic” featuring Rory Rodriguez can be streamed at:

Carousel Kings released their new collaboration track titled “Tragic” featuring Rory Rodriguez to all major platforms! This is the fifth single leading up to their independent full length release titled Untitled Mixtape that was co-written, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio, in Lancaster, PA.

“Tragic is a rock song that is lyrically a self reflection on life that features vocalist Rory Rodriguez , who’s part in the bridge really brings out the desperation feeling the lyrics were going for,” says David Alexander.

Pre-orders for the album due out in February 2023 are already underway and can be found here:

UNTITLED Mixtape Spotify Playlist –

All pre-orders help pay for pressing costs and will be available sooner (in the fall) for those fans who would like to support the bands 1st independent release since coming off of Victory Records. The band even has multiple limited Warped Tour Memorabilia packages inspired by the Kickstarter/go fund me platforms to further help fund the album pressing prior to release by offering one-off unique rewards to the biggest CK supporters.

Carousel Kings is the main project of founder and vocalist David Alexander. CK began its career in Lancaster, PA as a pop punk band circa 2008. The band released two full length albums on local indie label CI Records and toured relentlessly before signing to Victory Records and releasing Charm City in 2017 and Plus Ultra in 2019. The band completed multiple US tours including two runs on the legendary Vans Warped Tour and played alongside contemporaries like Taking Back Sunday, Rise Againstand Less Than Jake, they toured Japan twice the UK and Germany before taking some time off.

CK has spent the last few years quietly writing and working on what will be their fifth studio album titled Untitled Mixtape to be released independently via their publisher and label partner Mother West. Recorded and written with longtime collaborators Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA, the album consists of collaborations with artists Will Barovick, Sunday Friend, Sadgods, AJ Perdomo, and features including Saxl Rose, Rory Rodrigez, and Paycheck. It’s an eclectic blend of punk and pop and takes CK into some new ground they have yet to explore. Untitled Mixtape is scheduled for a February 2023 release with several singles that came out through the spring and summer.

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Carousel Kings are: 
David Alexander 
Will Barovick

Album Untitled MIXTAPE 
Side A

Empty Clouds 
Memory Kitty Chord Featuring A.J Perdomo 
Something in the Water Featuring Paycheck 
Eternally Sent Featuring Saxl Rose

Side B

Not Settling Yet Featuring A.J Perdomo 
Tragic Featuring Rory Rodriguez 
Pleasure Weather Featuring Saxl Rose 
Forgive and Regret 
Heart Strings

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