Hailing from the small country of Belgium, CellarDoor is a nu-metalcore band founded in 2020 by Strains guitarist Stein Davidts.

As a way to recover from his personal mental health issues, he started a new and more personal project to fight his demons. This project would be heavier and more personal than has ever done before. After writing 9 songs, he started looking out for the perfect singer and after a lot of potential candidates, he found his voice in Gilles Dereijke from the metalcore band Unravel.  

Joining forces with Jarich Helderwert as there producer and bass player, a personal friend called Boofy on the drums, they’ve completed the line up. 

With there first album “A Place For Torment And Pain, they really bring a fresh, new, and super heavy sound to the scene. 

Combined with dark satanic imagery, they try to bring back metal to there roots as something that is violent and filled with horror. 

The 9 songs recorded on APFTAP represent the 9 circles of hell with 7 of the songs referring to the 7 deadly sins. 

The sound could best be described as a mix of nu-metal riffs, earth shattering breakdowns, and catchy hooks all over the album. 

If you are fan of some heavy metal core with a dark twist? This one is definitely for you. 


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Disturbingly Good


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