Style: Metal
From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian Metal band CHAOSFEAR shortly after the release of the challenging and out-of-the-box EP “Aeternum”, was invited to take part in a compilation organized by the Brazilian/American record label MOG Records and, from that invitation, two totally unreleased tracks were written, following the ideal of new and evolved sound.

“Dreadful Thoughts” and “Room 104”, produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s producer and bassist, Marco Nunes, are exclusive to this release, whose title is “The Song Remains Insane” and was released in physical CD format only, but soon to be used in some of the band’s own releases.

“The track “Dreadful Thoughts” is a traditional thrash song, fast and noisy, where we approach about this dark era of attempting to deny science”, said Fabio Moyses (drums).

“Now “Room 104″ is more cadenced, thought still heavy, whose lyrics talk about difficult periods in life where we prefer to surrender to problems instead of facing them. Revolt, hurt and anger move your life, until one day you wake up and decide to face these demons!”, concluded Fernando Boccomino (vocals/guitar).

The other bands participating in MOG Records compilation are: Oitao (by Henrique Fogaça), Terrordome (Poland), Uganga (by Manu Henriques, ex-Sarcofago), Eskröta and RxUxA.

And that’s not at all. In late November last year, the music video for “Path 21”, a track belonging to the band’s latest full album, “Be The Light In Dark Days”, was released exclusively at the European online festival UNP Metal Fest, and to keep it exclusive to the event, it is only now available on the band’s youtube channel.

Watch “Path 21” and subscribe to the channel at:

The band’s next step is another participation in a tribute with more great brazilian bands to some great 80’s classic songs in an unusual version of the classic reggae track “Could You Be Loved”, by Bob Marley, which will be released on physical CD in the first half of 2022 via Secret Service Records!

In CHAOSFEAR difficulties arise, but the band and its members always unite even more in favor of their art without any fear of taking risks and/or evolving.


“Inside The Extreme World” (EP/2003)
“One Step Behind Anger” (Album/2006)
“Image Of Disorder” (Album/2008)
“Legacy Of Chaos” (EP/2012)
“Global Atrocity” (Single/2018)
“Path 21” (Single/2019)
“The Alliance” (Single/2020)
“Whose Fist Is This Anyway” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Album/2020)
“From No Past” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Single/2020)
“Cold” (EP/2020)
“The Toxic Waltz (Feat. Steve Zetro Souza of Exodus)” (Single/2020)
“The Hand That Wrecks The World” (EP/2021)
“Roça N’ Roll Sessions” (Album/2021)
“Aeternum” (EP/2021)
“The Song Remains Insane” (Compilation/2021)


Fernando Boccomino – Vocals/Guitars
Eduardo Boccomino – Lead Guitar
Marco Nunes – Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocal
Fábio Moysés – Drums/Backing Vocal

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