CHOIR, the one-human entity cross-nationally from Singapore and Brazil, is preparing to release the new album Songs for a Tarnished World on March 17th, 2023. Composing extreme metal that crosses genres, CHOIR constructs dark ambient realms.

“Songs for a Tarnished World narrates large-scale landscapes of a decaying world. It draws inspiration from an array of musical genres as vast as the environments it develops. A world tarnished by its own destructive power rebirths cleansed in the shape of angular extreme Metal and soul-churning melancholy.” 

Manifesting epic soundscapes, eerie moods and a dystopian atmosphere, the new album fusing doom and black metal styles produces a gloomy and immersive experience. Each track on Songs for a Tarnished World narrates stories of a world where life has ended from the point of view of its landscapes; it celebrates life with the nostalgia only developed once it has been lost.

About CHOIR:
The project draws heavily from experiences lived and observed from the point of view of minorities in a dangerous, cruel Latin American country – a continent that holds the majority of murders per 100k inhabitants, an immense homeless and incarcerated population. CHOIR has been crafted to convey monumental and sullen atmospheres. Narrating the horrors of the realm of reality, it steers away from the metal power fantasy. All the earnings of CHOIR’s sales beyond the production costs have been reverted as donations to institutions that support the homeless and women’s rights in South America.


All instruments, SFX, production and post production, vocals, lyrics and design are fruits of CHOIR.

Track Listing: 
1. Drawn to an Early Grave  
2. The Shore Roars an Elegy
3. Triumphant Chants of the Barren
4. Wail! For the Evocation of Mire
5. Mouths Trapped in Concrete
6. A Dirge for the Rotten Throats
7. Caravan and Swarm


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