COMMANDER Unleashes Title Track of Upcoming Album “Angstridden”!

Mark your calendars for June 27th, when death metal veterans COMMANDER drop their highly anticipated fourth album, “Angstridden”. Since their inception in 1999, COMMANDER has been known for their brutal and raw sound, and this new release promises to amplify those extreme roots even further.

“Angstridden” features a powerful mix of furious blast beats and groove-oriented elements, culminating in the standout final track, “No Compulsion To Live.” This epic closer showcases a growl choir of 10 different vocalists, adding a unique and intense dimension to the album. Recorded and produced at the Sick Of Sound Studio by Michael Kraxenberger, “Angstridden” captures the Bavarian band’s unrelenting energy and ferocity.

As a preview, the title track is now available as a lyric video on the MDD YouTube channel. Check it out and get a taste of what COMMANDER has in store.


  1. Dawn Of Fear
  2. Angstridden
  3. Astrayed
  4. Deviate From Our Vision
  5. Not My War
  6. Worlds Upon Worlds
  7. Scaremongers
  8. Scorched Earth
  9. Vanity Is The Death Of Decency
  10. No Compulsion To Live

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