Creature Creature Unveils Explosive New EP “The Noise”
Igniting a Revolution: Brighton’s Alt-Rock Powerhouse Shakes Up the Music Scene

Cover Art for “The Noise” EP // Credit: Stuart Dickson

[Brighton, UK – May 27, 2024] — Brighton’s own alt-rock/punk sensation, Creature Creature, has released their electrifying new EP, “The Noise,” available today on all major streaming platforms. Following the fervent success of their singles “Linework” and “YOUNGSTARS!”, this EP aims to be a shot in the arm of punk-rock expression, sending shockwaves through the music scene and propelling Creature Creature to new heights.

“The Noise” invites listeners on a visceral journey through raw, unapologetic energy that has become synonymous with Creature Creature’s name. Each track pulsates with vitality, drawing inspiration from the band’s punk roots while pushing genre boundaries. From anthemic choruses to blistering guitar riffs, the EP is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to sonic exploration and artistic integrity.

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, Creature Creature prepares to embark on their highly anticipated “Bangarang UK Tour 24,” spanning from June 1 through October 12. Fans across the UK are invited to experience the adrenaline-fueled frenzy of Creature Creature’s live performances, where every chord resonates with unbridled passion and every lyric reverberates with unfiltered emotion. Special guests GLYTSH and paradise fell. will join the band for their London show, promising an unforgettable evening of musical transcendence.

Reflecting on the EP, vocalist Scully shares: “With ‘The Noise,’ we wanted to capture the essence of what makes punk-rock so exhilarating—the raw intensity, the unapologetic authenticity, the sheer catharsis of letting your voice be heard. This EP is our manifesto, our battle cry, our unyielding testament to the power of music to ignite change and inspire revolution.

Critics and industry insiders alike have hailed Creature Creature as a force to be reckoned with. Billy Lunn of The Subways, who also featured on the EP’s eponymous track, declares, “This band is brimming with fun and energy—even as they tackle social matters in their songs. Fantastic musicians, and everyone should check out this banging EP. ‘The Noise’ is a great example of what’s in store.

Creature Creature’s “Bangarang UK Tour 24” kicks off in June (Tour Dates below), with performances across the UK, including a highly anticipated stop at the Rebellion Festival. Sharing stages with iconic acts such as The Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, and Gogol Bordello, this tour promises to be an electrifying showcase of the band’s latest material and their intense live performance ethos.

From the searing intensity of their live performances to the infectious energy of their studio recordings, Creature Creature continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a punk-rock act in the 21st century.

Tour Dates

  • June 1: The Black Heart, London (with GLYTSH and paradise fell.)
  • July 5: Heartbreakers, Southampton
  • July 7: Fuel, Cardiff
  • July 13: The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
  • July 24: King Billy, Northampton
  • July 25: Record Junkee, Sheffield
  • July 26: Gullivers, Manchester
  • August 1-4: Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
  • August 8: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
  • August 9: The Vic, Swindon
  • August 18: Parish Bar, Huddersfield & Santiago Bar, Leeds
  • October 10: Trillians, Newcastle
  • October 12: Bannerman’s, Edinburgh

+ More dates to come!

About Creature Creature

In early 2020, Brighton’s alt-rock/punk band Creature Creature was primed for success. With their debut album Two Finger Tantrum ready, the band, comprising Scully (lyrics/vocals), Zeus (guitar), Seb Cole (keyboard/keytar/backing vocals), Dave Cobley (bass), and Matt Hill (drums), was set for extensive touring and publicity. However, the COVID pandemic brought their momentum to an abrupt halt, leading to a string of show cancellations and a lukewarm reception for their album in a world overshadowed by the pandemic.

Undeterred, Creature Creature saw this period as an opportunity for introspection and strategic planning. They emerged more resilient, ready for a comeback with their new EP, symbolizing their journey of persistence and renewal. Their music, inspired by the likes of Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesRoyal BloodIDLES, and Dinosaur Pile-Up, showcases a diverse blend of rock and punk, evident in singles like “Video Nasty,” “Mean Streets (Reprise),” and “Broken Windows.”

Praised by Rocklifestyle Magazine as ready to become rockstars and dubbed “the new flag bearers of rock” by The Brighton Magazine, Creature Creature has earned critical acclaim for their depth and dynamism. Their live performances, irrespective of audience size, are known for their energy and authenticity.

In summer 2022, a pivotal collaboration with Billy Lunn from The Subways marked a turning point for the band. “The Noise EP,” born from this collaboration and produced by Feeder’s Tommy Gleeson is a testament to their hard-fought journey. Now, Creature Creature is not just making a comeback; they’re determined to redefine the rock landscape they once thought had turned its back on them.

Explore Creature Creature’s journey and music through their website and social media, where their resilience, authenticity, and dynamic energy continue to captivate and inspire.

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