Unique Leader sign Crown Magnetar; announce new EP details

Alone In Death EP out 25th March via Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader has announced the signing of American modern deathcore juggernaut Crown Magnetar. Their forthcoming EP Alone In Death will be released on 25th March.  

Crown Magnetar commented: “While as a band we’ve always been about incredibly fast, incredibly jarring deathcore with a lot of death metal influence, Alone In Death was written with speed and captivation in mind the whole time, on top of our go-to writing styles. At the same time, we’ve added an emphasis on emotional depth, making sure the riffs and beats were as memorable as they were extreme. Everyone goes through varying degrees of hardship, pain and isolation. Alone in Death reflects that both lyrically and emotionally.”With a compelling combination of tech, core and death elements, Crown Magnetar emerged in 2017 showcasing technical riffs, relentless blast beats and crushing yet dynamic vocals. Releasing The Prophet of Disgust EP in 2018, the band followed up with their critically acclaimed debut full-length entitled The Codex Of Flesh on 30th April, 2021 which they supported with a US tour alongside Lorna Shore

Crown Magnetar are: 
Nick Burnett – Guitar
Dan Tucker – Vocals
Byron London – Drums
Grant Robinson – Bass

For more Crown Magnetar info:
Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Spotify

Alone In Death tracklist: 1. Alone In Death
2. Hellsphere
3. Realistic Flesh Mask
4. The Pain of Existence
5. Graverot
6. God Is My Enemy


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