D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Denmark’s biggest rock band D-A-D is back with a new album, finally!

With these full-bodied words the label AFM celebrates the current album “A Prayer For The Loud” by D-A-D. Is the band around the Binzer brothers really the biggest rock band of our neighbor country? You can argue about that with bands like Volbeat, Manticora, Pretty Maids or Myrkur. Anyway, they are one of Denmark’s best-known and longest-serving bands. D-A-D was founded in Copenhagen at the beginning of the eighties under the name “Disneyland after Dark”. However, this name did not please the Walt Disney Company at all. So the Danes had to rename themselves. Several spellings have since been used, of which the current, just “D-A-D”, has finally prevailed. In their long band history, the musicians have released eleven studio albums and three live albums so far. Eight years have passed since the last album “Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark”. Now appears the long-awaited successor.

While a summer storm is rumbling outside, a rock thunderstorm is coming from the speakers. The pounder “Burning Star” should agree to the now following three quarters of an hour. This song was already available as an appetizer in advance as a single to hear. And already here you can hear the trademarks of the Danes, guitar-driven hard rock, the icing on the cake is the charismatic voice of Jesper Binzer. The following title song “A Prayer For The Loud” convinces with a blues rock edge. So not only full-throttle rock on the album, but also mid-tempo songs. The song title “Nothing Ever Changes” is a concept, why should the Danes change their successful sound. This is Hard Rock, as fans love it for decades – catchy melodies, banging riffs and, interspersed again and again, melodic guitar solos. Whether blues rock (“The Sky Is Made Of Blues”) rocking straight (“The Real Me”, “No Doubt About It”), with these songs you just have to bob your head. But the four men can also extremely sensitive, as they show with the beautiful ballad “A Drug For The Heart” impressively. The contrast to the subsequent rocker “Musical Chairs” can then hardly be greater. And this continues until the end, whether mid-tempo pounder “Time Is A Train” or the straightforward rocking “Happy Days In Hell”. Finally, there is a mid-tempo anthem, the longest song Of the album with 4:43 (!).

Are D-A-D the biggest rock band in Denmark? I dont know. But they are certainly one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Classic Hard Rock combined with a lot of enthusiasm characterize the sound of D-A-D for more than 35 years. Also on their twelfth studio album, the Danes make no experiments and do not deviate a bit from their successful concept. And that’s what the quartet does live, as I was able to convince myself at the Metal Hammer Paradise 2014. With “A Prayer For The Loud”, D-A-D make an impressive return.

D-A-D – Burning Star: https://youtu.be/8kcS6OzvRYI


Jesper Binzer – Vocals, Guitar
Stig Pedersen – Bass, Vocals
Jacob Binzer – Guitar
Laust Sonne – Drums

Label: AFM Records

Out: May 31st 2019

Playing time: 44:32

Track list:

  • Burning Star
  • A Prayer For The Loud
  • Nothing Ever Changes
  • The Sky Is Made Of Blues
  • The Real Me
  • No Doubt About It
  • A Drug For The Heart
  • Musical Chairs
  • Time Is A Train
  • Happy Days In Hell
  • If The World Just

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber



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