Dark power metal three piece HYLOXALUS are preparing to unveil their haunting and heavy debut album on January 26th, 2024. Combining ethereal soprano lead vocals with thundering instrumentation and shadowy atmospheres, this is power metal with a difference. 

Today, the band has shared the first taste of the album with new single and video “Dream Chasm.” The band comments: “Introducing our new music video for “Dream Chasm”, the first single from our new album “Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole”. A slow, powerful banger in which a sleep paralysis demon taunts you.” 

HYLOXALUS’ luring sound will draw you into the album’s opener “He Dies In The Swamp”. Unceasing percussion drives the track with inhuman speed, while distorted guitars bring grounding rhythms for ghostly harmonies to soar above. Drift off into the taunting nightmares of “Dream Chasm”, but beware the sleep paralysis demons. Instrumental layers in “Undead in Ward 6” make for theatrical offering, aptly portraying a vampiric tale of escaping terminal illness in exchange for eternal life. The final tracks, “Severed From The Reborn Sun” and “Splitter” end the album with a dramatic tale as the protagonist attempts to destroy God. HYLOXALUS’ dissonant progressions and fast-rhythms manifest unease and suspense as the epic battle takes place. 

Based out of Edmonton, Canada, HYLOXALUS initially grew from a handful of demos with intentions to explore a melodeath sound. Instead, soprano lead vocals were added and an array of styles bled into the mix. Having been operating as a studio project, 2021 saw HYLOXALUS take to the stage supporting RAVENOUS and the trio subsequently performed at Armstrong Metalfest (2022) and Hyperspace Metalfest (2023). The band’s first two EPs, released in 2019 and 2021, were musically placed in the realms of 2000s euro power metal but with a moodier edge. Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole sees the trio develop their sound into FEAR FACTORY/STRAPPING YOUNG LAD riffs meets TRISTANIA, with drumming heavily inspired by RUSH.

Nina Laderoute – vocals
Mike Bell – guitar/bass/synth programming/lead songwriter
Danial Devost – drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyloxalusmakesloud
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hyloxalusmakesloud
Bandcamp: https://hyloxalus.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/764WfcLBrmKqLe5grTi8EC

All material recorded by HYLOXALUS
Mixed by drummer Danial Devost
Photo by Charis Windrim

Track Listing: 
1. He Dies In The Swamp
2. Dream Chasm 
3. Beyond The Soil  
4. Undead in Ward 6
5. Sailors Underneath The Waves
6. Severed From The Reborn Sun
7. Splitter


Disturbingly Good


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