Dark Years from Now premiering music video for “Negative Creep” by Nirvana

“I have always loved Nirvana’s classic grunge album ‘Bleach’ and have fond memories of rocking out to it in the basement during my formative years.  Kurt Cobain (RIP) was definitely a metal-head at heart, spewing out monster guitar riffs and crazed screams, which I think reach a peak on this early track.  With Dark Years from Now, I decided to further ‘metalize’ this sludgy tune, turning it into a roaring beast of psychotic energy that fans of my recent album will appreciate very much.”

-Dan Potter

This unique rendition of “Negative Creep” is accompanied by a sinister music video where a mass of convulsing worms squirm around together in looped agony, ejecting from their midst a cacophony of mystical and ghost like imagery detailing the intense performance in all its abstract horror.

Dark Years from Now bio: Based in Vancouver BC, this sonically diverse act is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter.  Using heavy barrages of thrashing poly-rhythmic riffage to whip up intensity levels, DYFN descends into abstracted darkness and finds a sonic blueprint that’s filled with endless possibilities.  Guitars are driven to their most extreme by incorporating experimental approaches in technique and composition which serve as a perfect backdrop to the deep, chaotic experiences brought forth lyrically as dark riddles are wretched out with harrowing screams.

About the debut album: The debut self-titled LP by Dark Years from Now was released in 2019.  Whether through it’s the pulsating industrial metal edged aesthetic or the cathartic layers of electronic instrumentation, each track offers a world of intriguing sound and substance.  Unafraid to take a non-linear approach, many of the songs are forged with abstract intent even using the words as yet another aural paintbrush, obscuring to reveal.  Four of the eleven tracks are instrumental in nature providing more time for listeners in the churning abyss of variable perception.







Disturbingly Good


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