Heavy rock three-piece DÄTCHA MANDALA to release new album ‘Koda’ on April 26th. Rip-roaring first extract out now: “SHE SAID”.

Photo Jessica Calvo

Heavy/blues rock band DÄTCHA MANDALA will be releasing their new album ‘Koda’ on April 26th 2024 via DM Prod, Take It Easy and Discos Maracas. With its top-notch production, stadium anthems and hard-hitting rhythm section, debut single “She Said” is as electrifying as addictive!

Bordeaux-based trio DÄTCHA MANDALA‘s third album draws inspiration from the vibrant Brit rock scene. With its massive tasty production, ‘Koda’ is made up of rock hits powered by underlying Ghost or Royal Blood influences. The track “She Said” opens the album, “She” standing for the Earth. “What if we let the planet Earth describes what we are living through nowadays? That’s kind of the idea which came out during the writing of this song. It’s also an answer to the opening title “Stick It Out”, of our previous album,  where the thermo-industrial society was given the right to speak about the ongoing collapse. Why can’t we take more of an overview, to put that in perspective and take awareness of the disaster ?” comment the band. New video “She Said” was directed by Tony Horel.

DÄTCHA MANDALA’s new album ‘Koda’ arrives this April 26th 2024 on DM Prod and Take It Easy, at the following formats: vinyl, CD, streaming and download. A coloured limited edition will be released on Spanish imprint Discos Maracas Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Charles de Schutter at ICP and Rec’N’Roll studios in Brussel, Belgium. Mastering by Jett Galindo (Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Nile Rodgers, Paul McCartney) at the Bakery Studio, Los Angeles, USA.

DÄTCHA MANDALA new album ‘Koda’
Out April 26th 2024 via DM Prod, Take It Easy, Discos Maracas.
New song “She Said” available now on the streaming platforms.

Artwork Smoke Signal Studio.

French bold three-piece DÄTCHA MANDALA blend blues rock, heavy rock and Brit rock. Highlighted by front man Nicolas Sauvey’s stunning Robert Plant-esque vocals, their riffs draw inspiration from the musical effervescence of the seventies as much as from the dynamism of the current rock and metal scenes.

Dätcha Mandala’s live shows are nothing but overflowing and communicative energy. They already performed more than 666 shows over Europe and North America,  including a memorable gig as opening act of Les Insus (ex-Telephone) in 2017 at the Stade de France arena in front of several thousands of people, as well as an apparence at Hellfest 2022. Their strong presence on stage echoes an intense creative bubbling.
In 2016, Dätcha Mandala ink a deal with Mrs Red Sound – the record label created by stoner rock band Mars Red Sky – to release their EP ‘Anâhata’: a pure blues rock collection peppered with delighting psychedelia. They return to the studio the following year to record their debut album ‘Rokh‘ with English producer Clive Martin (Queen, Tom Yorke, The Cure) using a full analogue process. The release of their sophomore album ‘Hara‘ in June 2020 marks the trio’s willingness to express concerns about politics and ecology. This album particularly showcases the richness of their musical influences.
Dätcha Mandala release a tribute EP to the 70s rock frenzy called ‘The Last Drop‘ in May 2022 on Mrs Red Sound, with the behind-the-scenes video documentary ‘In Studio With Dätcha Mandala’.
DÄTCHA MANDALA’s new album ‘Koda’ is set to be released on April 26th 2024 through DM Prod and Take It Easy.

Nicolas Sauvey – vocals, bass
Jérémy Saigne – guitar, vocals
Jean-Baptiste Mallet – drums, vocals


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