Emerging blackened melodic death metal duo DAWN OF EXISTENCE is rising from the underground to release their new album, Ancient Arts. A ritualistic experience that explores themes of the occult, cosmology, history, fantasy, and the paranormal, Ancient Arts will carry you through the mists of the unknown and show you the eldritch sights from beyond the veil. The project serves as a testament in duality: as vicious and violent as it is elegant and melodic.

Formed in 2017, DAWN OF EXISTENCE first emerged with the demo offering Pale Mythos in 2019. This would become the foundation for their debut full-length, Ancient Arts. Moving forward into 2023, the band shared with the world their first single “Marble Garden,” telling the tale of a lost golden age of civilization on the brink of destruction. A time when the boundaries between magic and science were blurred and humans built wonders from stone with ease.

The forthcoming full-length sees DAWN OF EXISTENCE pushing their boundaries and coming into their own, while crafting a otherworldly story. “Toe Up” weaves an Orwellian tale where mysterious deaths, a government cover up, and interdimensional cultists collide. While “Satan Spacelord” is a song about the personification of the raw, dark energies that destroy and create in the universe. It’s about the power of science, discovery, free thinking, and free will over any religious creeds.

“Mystic Serpent” coils around you in the mists of time, where decadence, magic, and ritual combine in the temple of Set. “Škoda ‘14” brings you back to earth with a shattering recollection of the clash between the British regular army and the German army in the early stages of the Great War and the hell that artillery created for the soldiers throughout the war. Fight against deception, convention and engrained traditions with “The Hierophant” and explore the dualistic nature of mankind through “Tides”. 

The album wraps with “Meet Me At The Stake”, facing the hypocrisy and punishment that pagans, witches and those practicing Hermeticism and ritual experienced in the face of organized religion. Stand defiant and strong in the face of those persecutors.

DAWN OF EXISTENCE is ready to unleash Ancient Arts. Without question, this record is certain to leave its black mark upon the masses.


Votan – guitars, synths
Astor – bass, vocals, guitars, synths  



Ancient Arts Track Listing: 
Marble Garden    
Toe Up    
Satan Spacelord    
04 Mystic Serpent    
Skoda 14    
The Hierophant    
Meet Me At the Stake  


Disturbingly Good


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