Towards the madness of the world

Mighty and threatening thunders from the Bulgarian capital Sofia … fatal cause:
EUFOBIA hail with their important third studio album brute and martial in the ears! This extremely determined disc is clearly created with gallons of the most rebellious heart and with immense compositional joy. And you can clearly hear the massive further development of the THRASH DEATH METAL troupe.

Fact is:
absolute artistic openness prevails here in all conceivable musical matters. Contemporary baptized with the programmatic and socially apt album title “Madness“, these indomitable hell souls reveal the successful striving for artistic identity.

Fortunately successful:
EUFOBIA show on their ‘new’ a very own face!
Outstanding specialty of the much-cursing death horde in all their new creations: brutally aggressive, technically adept and really fat guitar assaults! Heaps of razor-sharp riff canonades are to be experienced, which not infrequently ignite as quickly as a giant tank filled to the brim with fresh kerosene.

Artwork • “Madness”
? Val Volegna • 12 DROPS Design

▶ ?️ Official release: June 10, 2022 ◀

? ? 01. Madness 03.54 ?

  1. Facing The Firing Squad 03.26
  2. Wolf Among The Sheep 03.38
  3. Messiah 03.49
  4. Those Who Believe 03.12
  5. Burning Streets 02.46
  6. Use Your Head 03.12
  7. Liberation 03.07
  8. The Establishment 04.59
  9. Animal Farm 04.01

total: 36.08 min.

And also with their capably handled lead axe, EUFOBIA conjure wonderfully massive earworm moments out of the boxes again and again. Remarkably fit in instrumental interplay, noticeably skilled in the passes and with gigantic enthusiasm at the start, the flaming world critic quartet stands out from many competitors with its new furious output.

Performing with martial and at all times confidently hewn rhythmic earthquakes, the truly bone-crunching and edgy drum work on this superbly crafted release is by no means left behind either: for the drumsticks of the fierce rhythm kettle-keeper Blago hammer on his cauldrons as fast and nimbly as gigantic, ultra-heavy demolition hammers.

EUFOBIA • 2022
? Mariyan Tomov

Niki • Guitar, Vocals
Ivan • Guitar
Steff • Bass, Vocals
Blago • Drums & Vocals

In addition, the sinister Balkan flails fire razor-sharp words in the most authentic and truthful way on their new output with welcome provocations:
biting lyrics straight from the dirty and dusty street. Singer and guitar monster Niki doesn’t give a damn about compromises in content and fights on “Madness” with incredibly effective and uncompromising throat attacks.

With “Madness” EUFOBIA show the worldwide rest of the scene that even nowadays it is still efficiently possible to hammer acutely into the epicenter of the Death Metal profession with a lot of self-confidence and burning fervor. (Markus Eck)

? “Madness”
? Official Music Video
?️ Premiere: April 27, 2022
? ⚙️ Produktion:
Val Volegna

Combative rescue:
Bulgarian Death Metal act EUFOBIA has produced a new music video for their song “Madness“, which is the first single of their new album.
The video was created by Val Volegna of 12 Drops Design.
The lead role is played by the Bulgarian model Maria Georgieva.
The story of the video is about a group of survivors in a world, which has been destroyed by a nuclear war, who try to save a girl trapped in a radioactively contaminated area.


Disturbingly Good


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