Death Tribe (Anthony Kaoteon) releases second single from new album / animated movie

‘Thawra’ (Chapter 2) – inspired by the Beirut explosion – streaming now

New album & movie Beyond The Red Light District: A Canal Experiment out 23rd July

Death Tribe, the politically-charged project founded up by award-winning Kaoteon guitarist Anthony Assaker, has released new single ‘Thawra’. This is the second track taken from new album, Beyond The Red Light District: A Canal Experiment, which is set for release on on 23rd July, and will be accompanied with an animated movie.

Stream ‘Thawra’ and watch chapter two from the movie, featuring the track here

Anthony commented: “‘Thawra’ is a new track inspired by the Beirut explosion that destroyed my parents’ house and rendered them hopeless. My helplessness kills me and the only way I could pull the trigger is by creating this track for all those oppressed by corrupt governments and regimes around the world and need to REVOLT. I hope it helps inspire some youth to keep the flame of freedom burning.”

Watch the first chapter of the movie, ‘Blacked Out’, here

Pre-save the album here:

Beyond the Red Light District: A Canal Experiment (The Red Experiment for short) is a statement against all that is wrong in the world today. Everything that is pushed down our throats as we lost our tenure and are blinded by fear and manipulated knowledge – the worst kind of ignorance. All music, lyrics, guitars and concept by Anthony. Other musicians include and not limited to: Baard Kolstad (Leprous) – drums, Linus Klausenitzer (Obsidious): bass and Chris Baum (Bent Knee): violin.

Born in the midst of warfare, Anthony almost had his spirit broken by oppression, but now creates the perfect soundtracks to rebellion and defiant resistance. Anthony is pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression on the second album, these songs are the long, throat-rending roar of one man’s resolve to forge his own life on his own terms and to savour every breath.

Already known for his work with Golden God Award winners KaoteonDeath Tribe is Anthony’s most diverse musical statement to date. This is a staggering achievement against all the odds, the sonic distillation of absolute defiance. This epitomises everything that metal was ever meant to be.

Anthony comments: “Music is not only about creating angry music but it is as well about the message behind the music. I want to create music with purpose to impact the listener and build awareness about what is wrong in this world. I want the listener to think about their daily choices that are leading humanity to its own demise. We need to stop blaming the world for our own mistakes. We are the world, we have the right to vote, the right to act, the right to raise awareness in many parts of the world and if we want a better world, we need to stop choosing what is right for our best interest and do what is best for everyone. From speaking up and supporting black communities, to LGBTQ+ communities, to supporting women’s rights and talking about oppressed nations from Colombia to Palestine just as much as I speak up about the suppression of the Lebanese people by their own government. We cannot choose when to call something right and wrong and this is what the 2nd album is all about – This is a wake up call to the world to realise that we need to change faster than ever before.”

Anthony now resides in The Netherlands, but he was born into the chaos and conflict of Beirut, under the looming shadows of corruption and domination, the disciples of radical ideologies poised vulture-like over his days and nights. However, he was not born a man to blindly accept his fate – he was determined to shape his own destiny. This is the first album that Anthony composed in the Netherlands and it feels like a new breed of chaos was born in these lands.

Death Tribe is a celebration of life’s ultimatum – Death.

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