DEMOLIZER Release New Album

DEMOLIZER release new album “Post Necrotic Human”

Photo by Anders Dalhøj

DEMOLIZER release today their sophomore album “Post Necrotic Human”. The Danes started five years ago as a young band who would refuse to play the status quo and hit the scene violently with one of the most exciting debut albums since Municipal Waste’s “Waste ‘Em All”. And they never looked back.

In 2022, they hit the studio once again with the recording of the new album “Post Necrotic Human”, after touring the Danish highways thin with their all shattering high-speed riffs and crushing thunder breakdowns. The album was recorded and mixed in Plague Studios, and mastered in No Masters Voice. This means that, starting today, you’ll be able to punish your neighborhood with the neverending roar of Demolizer’s new record on every streaming platform and on your turntable! 

“Post Necrotic Human” is out today on LP (gatefold 180-gram black vinyl, limited to 300) and digital formats via Mighty Music. Orders are available here.

Demolizer, formed in 2018, plays gut-crushing, hard-hitting and unfiltered thrash metal that will have you picking up your teeth with crushed fingers after barely surviving the pit. Demolizer is the manifestation of a big, angry middle finger pointed towards the Establishment, giving you the hardest, fastest and thrashiest thrash metal you could ever dream of! 

The Danes have had, in the last three years, two releases under their belt: the “Thrashmageddon’’ album and the EP “Upgrade” which received good reviews from all over the world. With more than 100 shows behind them, they are more than ready to rip out your guts with their razor-sharp riffs and stomp on the remains with their breakdowns just to guarantee that the first four rows of the crowd will have their faces torn off. 

“Post Necrotic Human” will be released on LP (gatefold 180gr black vinyl, limited to 300) and digital formats via Mighty Music on July 7th, 2023. 

Bjørn Hjortgaard – bass
Max Petrén Bach Hansen – drums
Aria Mobbarez – guitars
Ben Radtleff – guitars, vocals



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“Post Necrotic Human” tracklist:

A1. Post Necrotic Human 
A2. Fascist State 
A3. The Butcher 
A4. Crossfire 
A5. Sarnarth 

B1. Killing A Friend 
B2. Day After Day 
B3. The Wheel 
B4. Capital Punishment 
B5. Warmonger