Desert Kites are an alt-rock band from Dundee. Their songs are heavily influenced by 90s grunge and indie rock in terms of sonic quality, but there is a dash of shoegaze and a definite nod to classic and prog rock along the way. Their songs reflect the lives they’ve led. Sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes indifferent, always poetic. They prefer imagery over narrative, creating lyrical montages that provide askance views into the human experience all wrapped up in solid melodic structures.
With 2 previous singles to-date; ‘Coming Home To You’ and ‘Solstice’, both released in 2022, the band released their 3rd single ‘Restless Mind’ in May, which has become their most played single to-date, garnering airplay across the globe and picking up over 16k streams on Spotify.

Restless Mind listens like a road-trip, feels like a friend you haven’t met yet, with their soundscapes they paint images, lyrical montages and views we had not yet discovered” – Discovery Scotland.

New single ‘Something Dark’ will be released 23/6/23 at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms.

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Something Dark is mainly about regretting things you didn’t do when you were younger. In this case, it’s specifically about not being able to open-up to someone that you could be in a relationship with, because you know that what you have to tell them is such a massive burden it would swallow them whole. So, on the one hand it’s torture not to tell them how you feel, but on the other, you know you are protecting them from having to deal with the ‘darkness’ you are going through. In reality, you are protecting yourself from opening up and sharing the pain because you are afraid of letting people in. I regret the times in my life where I made that choice but I make sense of it by knowing that those people ended up having better lives without having to carry my pain. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.” Shaleph O’Neill

Something Dark written by Shaleph O’Neill
Produced by Desert Kites and Stuart Hanna
Recorded at Stage 2000, Dundee
Mixed & Mastered by Stuart Hanna
Single artwork by Shaleph O’Neill

Shaleph O’Neill – Vocals/Guitar
Michael Szeremt – Drums
Stuart Hanna – Bass


Disturbingly Good


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