Pennsylvania Alt Rockers Die Tired Redefines Musical Vision with Acoustic Rendition of ‘Play’: Unveiling a New Creative Horizon with SODEH Records!

Die Tired unveils a fresh facet of their creativity in their latest release, ‘Play (acoustic),’ marking a departure from their signature style.

In this rendition, Die Tired rekindles the essence of their breakout hit, ‘Play,’ but in an unplugged rendition. Through a rich, emotive production, they unveil a new dimension of their musical prowess, offering audiences a deeper glimpse into their artistic evolution. Drawing inspiration from the famed MTV Unplugged sessions by revered acts like Alice in Chains and Nirvana, Die Tired sought to unveil an alternate facet of their musicality and creative vision.

Lead vocalist Matt DeAngelis elaborates, underscoring the significance of this musical pivot: “Presenting our tracks in this manner is paramount to us. It not only grants us artistic liberty but also unveils a hitherto unseen side of the band to our dedicated fans and listeners. Reimagining ‘Play’ in this acoustic rendition opened up novel avenues for creative expression, allowing us to convey the song’s essence in innovative and compelling ways.”

‘Play’ itself finds its roots in the pursuit of inspiration from beloved people and experiences. The original version exuded an anthemic rock vibe, prompting listeners to turn up the volume and embark on carefree adventures. However, ‘Play (acoustic)’ extends an invitation to revisit this theme from a more vulnerable, contemplative, and serene perspective.

So, sit back, grab your drink of choice, and seek solace in your sanctuary, whether nestled by a crackling fire, adrift on a boat, or feeling the sand between your toes. ‘Play (acoustic)’ encapsulates the mood to transport you until “Laughter is the only thing we hear….”

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Originally stemming from the age-old Marine adage, “You can run, but you’ll just die tired,” one might assume that their music carries ominous undertones and perhaps explores dark themes. However, for Die Tired, it’s a punk rock way of declaring “Carpe diem!”

Hailing from various corners of Pennsylvania, Die Tired’s members each inject their unique flair and personality into their music. While they all have slightly different musical preferences, these diverse influences come together harmoniously to infuse fresh energy into irresistibly catchy alternative and pop-rock melodies.

Die Tired is a versatile band that draws inspiration from a wide spectrum, encompassing classic rock, heavy metal, pop-punk, and virtually anything playable on a guitar. Onstage, their lively and passionate performances never fail to leave audiences craving more. It’s practically impossible to resist tapping your foot, nodding your head, or enthusiastically singing along to their incredibly eclectic interpretation of rock ‘n roll. In the world of Die Tired, every day is an opportunity to seize life’s moments!

Die Tired is:

Matthew DeAngelis – Vocals & Guitar
Sean Boyle – Guitar
Jamieson (Jim) Lee – Bass
Brandon Ballantyne – Drums.

“A great quality punk rock, an exciting and fun song ideal to listen to in a bar with friends at night, with striking guitar solos and very well tuned vocals in my opinion everything is perfect wouldn’t change anything it’s ready to be heard worldwide, we will definitely publish it on our website and add the song to our YouTube and Spotify playlists and add the song to the Web Radio schedule later today.” – Penhasco Rock

“If it’s been a while since you’ve discovered an alt-rock track that tugs on the heartstrings as heavily as the rabid bass strings, prepare yourselves for the emotionally subjugating melodies in Die Tired’s latest single, Play, and leave the misery of responsibility behind. 

With none of the pretension of a powerhouse and all of the talent, getting suckered into the anthemic soul of Play is non-optional. There are some serious virtuosic stripes through the hard-rock solos. But the filthy grungey distortion in the bass and Mathew DeAngelis’ vocals, which could send EVERY grown-up The All-American Rejects fan into swoon mode, the gravity of Play lingers in the giddying catharsis.” – Amelia Vanergast at A&R Factory


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