Disconnected Souls Release New Single “Loveless”

Eclectic metal outfit DISCONNECTED SOULS immerse themselves in electronic metalcore in their new single “Loveless”. Following the atmospheric fantasy single “Dissonant Whispers” released earlier this year, “Loveless” is a more personal and reflective song that challenges expectations of what ‘love’ is. With each offering the outfit are expanding their musical reach even further – no genre is off limits. 

“Sonically, ‘Loveless’ is largely inspired by the heavy, ‘clubby’ electronic metalcore sound of bands like I SEE STARS and VOID OF VISION, and I wanted to capture that vibe for this track. ‘Loveless’ is a very personal song to me. I won’t go into the specifics, and let the lyrics speak for themselves. It may take a long time to realise and recognise some very important parts of your identity, but when you do, things become a lot clearer.” – Patrick (Vocals) 

DISCONNECTED SOULS emerged in 2018 out of a desire to incorporate and blend the three great pillars of music, electronic, classical and metal. Following their debut EP Warring Elements, the band have since been releasing a diverse array of singles: “Petrichor” (2021), “Kintsukuroi” (2022) and “Dissonant Whispers” (2023). The quintet based out of Chester, England, strive to create a distinctive sound that draws upon the depths of metal, while playing with tones and textures. Each member brings a diverse range of musical interests to the table and the resulting sound encompasses a wide variety of instrumental and vocal styles. DISCONNECTED SOULS are preparing to unveil their debut album in early 2024.

Patrick Lloyd: Clean & harsh vocals, programming
Holly Royle: Guitars, clean vocals, keys and programming
Matthew Simon Fletcher (Fletch): Guitars, keys, bass, programming and backing vocals
Tim Jenkins: Synths, keys, programming and guitars
Felix King: Clean vocals, synths, programming

Written and performed by DISCONNECTED SOULS
Mixed and mastered by Brandon Wolfe & Jeremy Valentyne (NEW YEARS DAY)
Single art: Holly Royle
Photography: Tom Lloyd