DOMKRAFT reveal first single ‘Slowburner’
and details of forthcoming new album “Sonic Moons”

Swedish psychedelic doom masters DOMKRAFT have released the relentless new track ‘Slowburner’ as the first single from their highly-anticipated fourth album “Sonic Moons”, which is slated for release September 8.

DOMKRAFT discuss the forthcoming album: “The theme of ‘Sonic Moons’ is not as much space as the title might suggest, it is essentially all about escapism”, singer and bass playerMartin Wegeland writes. “To find that spot in your head and body where you can feel liberated and, if only briefly, escape the constant flood of burden that is life in the real world. Think of ‘Sonic Moons’ as a pill blister pack, where each song has its own active ingredient. Or an imaginary solar system where each track is its own planet. A galaxy of tunes, with different gravity, different temperatures. A riff- and rhythm-fueled exploration of inner and outer space. It’s about longing, hope, frustration, relief, and some plain old mindfucking. All by means of heavy rock.”

DOMKRAFT elaborate about the single: “Of all the songs on the new album, ‘Slowburner’ is probably the most straightforward, as it revolves around a grinding yet kind of catchy riff”, Martin Wegeland continues. “It’s a straight-up heavy rock song about suddenly realizing that you’re drifting into an expanding black hole, be it in a physical or spiritual sense. It could be a fragmented stream of thoughts from someone who is in and out of consciousness, adrift in a galactic escape pod, or it could be what keeps an insomniac earthling awake, given the state of everything.”

1. Whispers
2. Stellar Winds
3. Magnetism
4. Slowburner
5. Downpour
6. Black Moon Rising
7. The Big Chill

On their fourth album, “Sonic Moons”, Sweden’s DOMKRAFT set forth on a voyage into the inner cosmos, riding their fuzz-driven, psychedelic riff-doom through the galactic psyche and into alternate metaphysical realities, all in search of escape, respite, and release.

DOMKRAFT generally stay true to their musical course on the new effort, but the Nordic trio has audibly matured and sharpened their writing as well. The trademark towering doom anthems remain, but with an ever so slight shift toward heavy rock through small tweaks and nuances.

That the Swedes returned to Welfare Sounds Studio on the outskirts of Gothenburg to work once more with studio heads Kalle Lilja and Per Stålberg has probably contributed as much to DOMKRAFT keeping their unique sonic identity as letting Karl Daniel Lidén (GREENLEAF, KATATONIA, LOWRIDER) again apply his mixing wizardry on “Sonic Moons”.

DOMKRAFT formed when singer and bassist Martin Wegeland, guitarist Martin Widholm, and drummer Anders Dahlgren bonded over a mutual love of bands such as SPACEMEN 3, MONSTER MAGNET, SLEEP, and HAWKWIND.  Drawing from the heaviest of their combined influences, they crafted a sound that blends towering dirges, mind-bending psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism, as embodied by DOMKRAFT‘s monolithic 2016 debut album “The End of Electricity,” the crushing 2018 follow-up “Flood”, and their acclaimed and massively amplified third full-length “Seeds” (2021).

DOMKRAFT have long established a reputation as a major live force and already performed at prestigious festivals such as the Desertfests (BE and DE), Psycho Las Vegas (US), Blow Up (FI), Sonic Whip (NL), Hostsabbat (NO) and many others.

With “Sonic Moons”, DOMKRAFT blast through the escape hatch to the emotionally charged inner spaces of the mind, soaring through fantastic new solar systems toward unexplored musical planets.  Now is the perfect time to embark on the intergalactic journey with them!

Release date: September 8, 2023
Style: Heavy Rock
Label: Magnetic Eye Records

Martin Wegeland – vocals, bass
Martin Widholm – guitars
Anders Dahlgren – drums

Recorded by Kalle Lilja and Per Stålberg at Welfare Sounds, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén

Cover artwork & layout by Björn Atldax

Available formats

“Sonic Moons” is available as gatefold purple vinyl LP. gatefold marble pink and black vinyl LP, gatefold black vinyl LP, digisleeve CD, and limited edition cassette.


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