Minotauro Records is set to release Dr. Schafausen‘s highly anticipated new studio album, ‘How Can You Die?’, on May 26th.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows

The theme of mental disorders is undoubtedly a very important and current topic. The album seems to suggest a very interesting narrative approach, with the character of Dr. Schafausen helping to explore the world of mental disorders in an engaging and disturbing way.

The overall atmosphere of the album seems very reflective and introspective, with a particular emphasis on understanding and accepting people who suffer from mental disorders. This message is extremely important, as social stigma and discrimination can prevent people from seeking help and receiving the support they need.

Music can be a great form of expression for addressing such complex issues, and Dr. Schafausen has managed to musically explain the idea of a “mental tangle of thoughts and visions”. The claustrophobic and desperate musical atmospheres seem to be consistent with the album’s theme and suggest a strong emotional charge to the listener.

The inclusion of djent, metalcore, and hip hop elements adds further complexity to the compositional structure and makes the album very innovative and modern, difficult to categorize within a single genre of metal.

Overall, it seems that “How Can You Die?” is an album that addresses an important topic in a brave and experimental way. If your music can express the desperation and difficulty that many people face in living with mental disorders, then it could be a powerful form of expression that helps to bring greater awareness to this issue.

The CD album released in a limited and numbered edition will be truly special, as it will include a 44-page comic book illustrated by artist Paolo Massagli, who also created the album cover. This comic book will focus on the themes addressed in two of the songs featured in the album, namely “How Can You Die?” and “Anger.”

But that’s not all: the first 120 numbers of the limited edition will also feature a unique and unpublished illustration by the artist, which will be signed not only by the artist himself, but also by Dr. Schafausen. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind work!

Artist Dr. Schafausen is an Italian bassist, composer, and pioneer of a new music genre. Aptly called Dystopian Metal, this genre contains several influences of existing genres such as metalcore, djent, trap, and progressive metal. Unique, disorienting, and provocative, this genre is artfully utilized by Dr. Schafausen and his team to create a different kind of music.

Dr. Schafausen’s team for their new album consists of band members Slava Antonenko, the vocalist, Michael Pahalen, the guitarist, Dr. Schafausen, who is at the bass & vocals, and Anatole Lyssenko, who is at the drums. The band’s latest album, titled ‘Waiting for Tomorrow,’ was released earlier this year on March 9th. Released under the label Sliptrick Records, this metalcore, djent, and trap core dystopian album has garnered a lot of attention from its niche audience.

Dr. Schafausen, also known as Sergio Pagnacco, is also best known for his accomplishments as the founding member of the metal band Vanexa. Pagnacco has been in the music scene for a while and has worked alongside several big names in the music industry. In 2009, the bassist joined the power prog-metal band called Labyrinth, which toured internationally and played in several places. During this time, the artist shared the stage with Motorhead, Saxon, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and others.

This experience has served Pagnacco well and shows in his musical accomplishments. However, Pagnacco or Dr. Schafausen has his forte in dystopian music. Characterized by the dehumanization, despair, and both human and natural disasters, Dr. Schafausen’s music contains several imaginative themes based on such end-of-world elements. This innovative project can be described as a chaotic yet essential way to identify with the current happenings of society; in fact, such frenetic works are often a reflection of current circumstances.

Dr. Schafausen can also be described as a dystopian author because of his creative storytelling in the latest album, ‘Waiting for Tomorrow.’ Containing scary and disorienting themes, this album is a representation of the artist’s state of consciousness during the pandemic. The dystopian genre is intended to provide a contrast against the various perceived utopias of life and make one think critically of current engagements. In this light, this album may also be perceived as a warning against complacency.

Sergio Pagnacco has a doctorate in audiology sciences and is a university lecturer. He teaches on cochlear implants, pediatric deafness and engages in seminars on hearing protection for musicians. The artist has also been on missions to Southeast Asia to help children with hearing impairments.For more info:


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