DRAMANDUHR: Unveiled the first single “Ixaltirud”

The debut of the italian Esoteric/Mediterranean Metal project DRAMANDUHR has finally come. “IXALTIRUD“, first single of a long series that anticipates the release of Dramanduhr’s debut full-length.

IXALTIRUD” it’s the first emanation of the project: a song of evocativity, with an esoteric and mediterranean sound, sung in a glossolalia-driven evocative language. A remarkable fresh style, hardly definible within the main Metal genres but unusual, transcendental and avant-garde.

Below few extracts of Dramanduhr’s biography:

“At 3.46 am of December 25th 2020, inexplicably, a champagne chalice fell on the ground from a rung in the garden, breaking in thousand pieces right under my sight….” /// “…The songs of Dramanduhr are sung in Dahrmonium, an evocative language of pure glossolalia, which aims at emanating the archetypical vibrations to communicate with the Absolute.”

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