Atmospheric post-black metal band EAVE has released the newest single off their upcoming full-length album, Fervor.

“Into Perdition,” finds EAVE traveling further into emotive passages and a heavier expression, perfectly demonstrating the complexity and power contained on the band’s 3rd full-length album.

The exclusive global premiere of “Into Perdition” comes courtesy of metal blog Invisible Oranges. Stream the song now at

With Fervor, EAVE offers seven new songs that show a more aggressive march across the bleak, depressive soundscape the band created on 2020’s Phantoms Made Permanent.

Bindrune Records will release Fervor on July 28. Pre-order the album at


1) Past Pulses   
2) Chance is a Spectre    
3) Mirroring    
4) Stale Ash   
5) Bending the Light   
6) Shards   
7) Into Perdition

A lot has happened since the release of EAVE’s Phantoms Made Permanent via Bindrune Recordings. The world has seemingly flipped upside down and in the case of this forward-thinking quartet, change isn’t always a bad thing.

After a band migration back to their home state of Connecticut and a period of tireless effort, EAVE emerges with a formidable selection of songs that see the band demonstrating a fiery new approach to their unique brand of atmospheric metal. Bristling with energy and venom amidst passages of ethereal and shadowed melodies, the duly titled Fervor exhibits an air of urgency, disillusionment, and resiliency. Heavily incorporating elements from a myriad of musical genres and applying a broad tone of experimentalism to their soaring style of New England black metal, Fervor marks a new period of focus for the band, as they press upon new territory that feels wholly their own.

Recorded by the band in Connecticut, and re-amped, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston in Queens, New York, Fervor sheds stunning light on the beauty and darkness that forever exists in mankind and its relationship to the natural world.

“Fervor is an album where the immediacy of their energy and anger does not require technical ability but a deft hand that is punctuated by experience, power, and anger. Inherently aggressive it is a stripped-back visceral experience that, over its seven tracks, delivers its concepts with a blackened, broken heart lost in misery, anger and agony.” – Metal-Roos

EAVE is:
Brian Tenison – Bass, Vocals
Caleb Porter – Drums
Ian Stoller – Guitars
Gabriel Shara – Guitars, Vocals


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