The release date for “The Garden of Theophrastus” reissue by EIBON is getting near: the cult album by one of the earliest extreme Metal bands from Singapore will be re-released on 10th November 2022 by Rude Awakening Records.

This reissue will feature a revamped cover, booklet,  completely remastered audio and lots of bonus tracks from the early demos of the band (under the name Debauchery) and the 2003 EP “Ineffable Prodigious Odyssey”.

After revealing the first advance track as lyric video, now it’s time for “Noctium Phantasmata” track:

Complete tracklist:

1. I Eisodos
2. Noctium Phantasmata
3. Il Nerazza di Bestimiare
4. Ancient Flight of Winter Nebula
5. The Garden of Theophrastus
6.  In the Streams of Undaunted Vile Desire
7. The Unholy Ground of Darkened Evil
8. Anachorisi
9. Rites of Profanity (demo version)
10. The Unholy Ground of Darkened Evil (demo version)
11. Bestial Desecration Through Holy Prayers (demo version)
12. Ineffable Prodigious Odyssey (2003 EP)
13. Of Grief and Suffering (The Felon’s Lament) (2003 EP)
14. Wings of Nightmare (2003 EP)
15. Blind Black Obsession (2003 EP)

This reissue will be limited to 300 hand-numbered CD copies worldwide, available both from label and band.

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