Released by: Sliptrick Records 24.05.24
Format: Online Single
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

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Brazilian Melodic Death Metal Group Eldermoon have released their new single, the title track taken from their forthcoming album Egregora, set to be released on July 30th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records.

Here’s what the band had to say about the song and how it fits in the storyline of the album; “Humanity can hardly resist the great war for resources, it finds itself in a great landscape of destruction, with all its progress and structures lost. Seeing the possibility of total extinction, the thoughts of the remaining human beings are now fiercely torn between life and death. The Moon asks the Earth if these beings are still capable of redemption and of changing their ways.”

Egregora [Album] | Released July 30th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Eldermoon are:
Alex Biembengut – Vocals | Allan Estalk – Guitars/Backing Vocals | Alan Sanglard – Guitars | Fabio Conelli – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


Disturbingly Good


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