Austrian Black Metal Beasts, ELLENDE, To Release New Album, “Ellenbogengesellschaft,” On Sept 30th Via AOP Records

New Video For First Single “Abschied” Out Now!

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Austrian black metal trailblazers ELLENDE will release their 4th full-length album “Ellenbogengesellschaft” on September 30th with AOP Records. After 10 years of existence as an internationally established live band and studio project, their unique approach to atmospheric black metal will be forged into another milestone with their next chapter. Today, the band has revealed the record’s first single, “Abschied,” which is accompanied by a beautifully shot video that was produced/directed by Oliver König.
Watch the video here:

ELLENDE founder, songwriter and performer L.G. comments on the new record:

“I am very excited and proud that a new full-length album will be released after many years of work. Together with Markus Stock and Klangschmiede Studio E we were able to create one of our most sophisticated records until now, incorporating some fresh elements as well as staying true to what Ellende is and was always striving for. Thanks to all involved and supporting, and of course enjoy the ride.”

Ellenbogengesellschaft” is available now for pre-order on a variety of formats including: 
– Digipak
– CD boxset with shot glass, exclusive woven patch all in a thick crafted paper box and housed in foam and lim. 500 (only via AOP Records, EMP and Napalm Records)
– Gatefold LP in black vinyl
– Gatefold LP in true orange vinyl ELLENDE EDITION (only available from AOP Records)
– Gatefold LP in gold marbled vinyl AOP EDITION (only available from AOP Records)
– Gatefold LP in brown/black marbled vinyl NAPALM RECORDS EDITION (only available from Napalm Records)

AOP Records (EU – Shop)
AOP Records (US – Shop)

Ellenbogengesellschaft” Tracklisting:
01.Ich bin(02:17)
04.Hand aufs Herz(08:05)
06.Freier Fall(05:34)

Ellenbogengesellschaft” Album Credits:
L.G.–Songwriting, Lyrics, Vocals, Choirs,ElectricGuitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Piano, Synths, Samples, Ambience.
“Ruhelos” – Guest vocals by J.J. (Karg, Harakiri for the Sky)
“Verletzlich” – Inspired by Irish painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992);
“Forms of Injury” – samples taken from an interview “Fragments of a Portrait” in 1966.

  • Songwriting, Pre-recordings and Lyrics by L.G. in 2018-2021, Austria
  • Recording of Guitars, Bass, Vocals by L.G. in 2021-2022, Austria
  • Recordings of Drums by P.F. through Markus S. and Klangschmiede Studio E in 2021,Germany
  • Recordings of Acoustic Guitars by L.G. through Markus S. and Klangschmiede Studio E in 2021, Germany
  • Mix, Master and Vinyl Master by Markus S. and Klangschmiede Studio E in 2021-2022, Germany
  • Oil paintings, Artworks and Designs by L.G. in 2021-2022, Austria

L.G.–Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Ellende was founded in the year 2011 by L.G. as a solo project and turned into a live band with session musicians in 2012. His first effort was a self-released EP named “Rückzug in Die Innerlichkeit” in 2012. The record dealt with existentialism, misanthropy and nature and incorporated classical instruments such as violin and viola, piano and acoustic guitar, defining Ellende’s ambivalent approach combining devastation and despair with hope and beauty.

The self-titled debut album from 2013 was regarded as Ellende’s first full-length masterpiece in the genre of ambient post-black metal. It was followed by a limited Gatefold vinyl of “Weltennacht” EP in 2014, in which P.F. started to take over studio-drums from then on. In 2016, Ellende released their second full-length named “Todbringer,” which gained major attention in the atmospheric-and post-black metal scene for its unique approach and composition of black metal.

In March 2019, their third full-length album, “Lebensnehmer,” was published by AOP Records, which reached the Top 100 on the German album charts and was followed by another European release tour.

Ellende’s 6th record, “Triebe,” was released in January 2021 as limited gatefold vinyl editions (AOP Records, Napalm Records, Bandcamp) and a refined music video of the new adaption of the song “Weltennacht.”

After 10 years of existence, many live-shows and appearances at major festivals, Ellende’s eagerly awaited 4th full-length album, “Ellenbogengesellschaft,” will be released in September 2022. 


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