Enemy of Fate is a hard-hitting rock band hailing from Sacramento, California, known for their unique blend of hard rock, alternative rock, and nu metal. Drawing inspiration and comparisons from bands like In This MomentEvanescence9 Inch NailsBullet for My ValentineBad OmensPop Evil10 Years, and Sleep TheoryEnemy of Fate has carved out a distinct sound that captivates audiences with its raw energy and emotional depth.

Enemy of Fate made waves when singer/songwriter Tiffany Fabiani hit the music scene and penned the intimate and emotional debut single, “Dear Dad” in September of 2023, showcasing her powerful lyrics and intense musicality. Following the success of their single, Enemy of Fate released their first 6-track EP Settle the Score earlier this year, further solidifying their place in the rock music scene.

Enemy of Fate has also made a name for themselves on the live circuit and will be headlining the iconic Los Angeles area music venue, Chain Reaction on July 26th. Their seductive and high-energy single “Surrender,” released on Friday, June 21, 2024, which further showcases the band’s versatility and prowess as performers.

Enemy of Fate is mapping out their 2024 tour season and plans to bring their climactic rock/nu-metal sound to audiences across the country throughout the summer and fall. With their dynamic music and captivating performances, Enemy of Fate is poised to make a lasting impact on the rock music scene.


Disturbingly Good


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