Engine Driven Cultivators ‘Insert Coin’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Punishment 18 Records/Thrash Metal/Crossover

For the last 20 years, Italy has been a real hotbed of heavy metal talent, these bands may not have yet reached the popular scene, but for an underground of bands keeping it real, then Italy knows where it is at. Engine Driven Cultivators (EDC) are one such band, for these men from the Italian capital it is perennially 1989 as EDC delivered their latest album ‘Insert Coin’ mid-last year.

‘Insert Coin’ is somewhat of a comeback album for EDC, the band have been away from the scene since their last album ‘Back from the Drainpipe’ was released back in 2011 and EDC return with a bang. ‘Insert Coin’ is a driving album of thrash metal which leans heavily onto crossover; tracks such as ‘Skids and Brew’, ‘Toxic Protocol’ and ‘Red Striped Police’ have all the moshing power of D.R.I., S.O.D. and Cro-Mags, but there is also a modern touch to ‘Insert Coin’ which has all the fun and enjoyability of Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste, making it almost impossible to not go to the fridge and crack a beer whilst it is playing.

However, there isn’t anything new here or anything that hasn’t been heard before; but ultimately, who cares? There is an infectious energy to ‘Insert Coin’ that gives it an infinite replayability. Like your crossover? Get this, crank it loud and pop a beer, it won’t disappoint.

Rating : 71/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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