Epic Metal Trio CRAVING Unleashes “Mich packt die Wut” Music Video!

Epic Metal Trio CRAVING Unleashes “Mich packt die Wut” Music Video Of Latest Album

“Call Of The Sirens” – out now on Massacre Records!

[photo: Micha Gröger]

Following the release of their much-acclaimed, latest album “Call Of The Sirens” (released in May via Massacre Records), German epic metal trio CRAVING has premiered a new music video for the colossal album opening track “Mich packt die Wut”!

CRAVING singer and guitarist Ivan Chertov reveals:

“This composition pertains to uncontrolled anger. During my childhood in Russia in the post-Soviet era, I encountered various challenges. These struggles, coupled with my difficulty in managing my emotions, particularly anger, added to my distress. With time, I discovered that my experience resonated with men suffering from borderline disorder, who often experience severe and recurrent outbursts of rage throughout their lives.

The lyrics of Mich Packt die Wut (Engl:”I am seized with rage”) describe these moments of intense anger.
The line
“Lass mich in Ruh, bis ich mich besser
Mich packt die Wut – meine Seele wird zum Messer”

“Leave me alone until I feel better/I am seized with rage – my soul becomes a knife” suggests the protagonist may become violent and act out in a blind rage if provoked.”

“Call Of The Sirens” is available as vinyl, CD and digital formats, you can order your album copy HERE!

Building upon the staggering success of their previous album, “By the Storm”, CRAVING continues to awe audiences with their unique fusion of melodic black metal, melodic death metal, and traditional heavy metal epicness on stages of all sizes. This time, the album contains eight catchy to-the-point core songs and two bonus cover songs on the CD version: “Shum” by the Ukranian electro-folk band Go_A and “El Diablo” by Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou. The lyrics on “Call Of The Sirens” feature four different languages: German, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Along several high class guest musicians, the album also welcomes Cradle Of Filth guitarist Marek “Ashok” Šmerda with a solo on the “Gods Don’t Negotiate” track.

Events in the band’s lives, the world, and in our society, which is more and more striving towards psychopathy, have inspired the band to write “Call Of The Sirens”. The album is metaphorically following the irresistible voices of the sirens, the mythical creatures mentioned in Greek and many other mythologies, which lured people in by seductive behavior and ultimately killed them.

“Call Of The Sirens” was produced by CRAVING and once again mixed by Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Finsterforst, The Spirit, Imperium Dekadenz etc.). As always, the cover artwork was created by the band’s long-term friend and designer Andrej Bartulović / All Things Rotten.

1. Mich packt die Wut
2. Call Of The Sirens
3. Death March
4. Maiden Of The Sun (Дева Солнца II)
5. Blood Ov Franconia
6. Gods Don’t Negotiate 
6. Prayer For The Rain
7. Star By Star
8. El Diablo (Elena Tsagrinou Cover)
9. Shum (Go_A Cover)
Album Line-Up:
Ivan Chertov – Vocals, Guitars, Orchestrations
Jonas Papmeier – Guitars
Leonid Rubinstein – Session Bass
Wanja Gröger – Drums
Guest Musicians:
Michelle Bouma: Vocals on “Call Of The Sirens”
Esther Sarai Devries: Vocals on “Call Of The Sirens”
Theresa Winterhalter: Vocals on “Death March”
Anita Janukiewicz: Vocals on “Shum”
Marek “Ashok” Šmerda (Cradle Of Filth): Guitar solo on “Gods Don’t Negotiate”
Fabian Mofid: Orchestrations on “Prayer For The Rain”
For More Info Visit:
21.10.2023 DE – Cadillac, Oldenburg