EPICA | College Of Metal Launches EPICA Guitar Courses

College of Metal, an online educational metal music platform that enables anyone to learn from the best metal musicians in the world, announces that guitarist Isaac Delahaye released his first 6 EPICA courses.

Watch the trailer here:  https://youtu.be/iVBPSyQj8Tk

Other than with most guitar lessons, artists at College of Metal focus on songs rather than on techniques exclusively. That’s why every individual course is a walk through of a song, explaining whatever techniques are used in the context of that specific song.
All courses have 3 camera views, including close-ups of both left and right hands. Every lesson includes accurate guitar tabs, reviewed by Isaac Delahaye himself. Also, he explains any differences between the recorded parts and the way he’s playing them in an ever-changing live environment.

The individual EPICA courses and the full EPICA bundle are now available athttps://store.collegeofmetal.com

Isaac Delahaye is best known as the lead guitarist of EPICA, and has also played forGOD DETHRONED and MAYAN. As a graduate from college of music in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he’s been teaching guitar for around 20 years and a professional touring metal musician for 15 years now.

“After seeing that the general musical education system still treats metal music as an outsider, I decided to create College of Metal for anyone who is looking for in-depth lessons from the artists themselves. What better way to learn the songs/genre you love so much than having the composer/performer getting through the different parts, showing you the tricks and the techniques used, and explaining you why they do what they do. If you’re a self taught hobby player or an aspiring professional, this is what you’re looking for.”

College of Metal will continue to expand courses, bringing leading metal musicians to its base of subscribers. For more information, please visit www.collegeofmetal.com.

See EPICA live on one of the following dates:

Design Your Universe 10th Anniversary shows:
04.10.              D         Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
05.10.              NL        Utrecht – Tivoli Vredenburg
06.10.              F          Paris – Elysée Montmartre
10.10.              ISR       Tel Aviv – Barby Club
12.10.              RU       Moscow – Glavclub

Tickets and VIP upgrades go on sale Saturday 17th November at 10:00 am from:www.epica.nl/tour

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