Explosive Alternative Metal Void Of Animus Debut Album Out

Enjoy My Happy Ending”
? Official Music Video
?️ Premiere: April 19, 2023
? YouTube-Link: https://youtu.be/tLHdofbCz3Q
? ⚙️ Production: Void Of Animus

VOID OF ANIMUS comment on “Enjoy My Happy Ending“:
“The song is about important self-discovery and an accompanying, overdue insight with clear realization, as well as liberating rebellion – the courageous breaking of an emotional spell, so to speak.”

Explosive outbursts !

Banjo, tambura, gong and even taikos – confidently embedded in hard-hitting ALTERNATIVE METAL!
Just as play-culturally impressive as effortlessly convincing VOID OF ANIMUS reveal their damn brute material!

And with all the infectiously lively, but also really skillfully celebrated finesses in it, the fabulously well-rehearsed guys even let it crack deliciously – after all, every song is massively enhanced by captivating melodies and catchy structures.

Even vocally, the group, ambitious to the hilt, doesn’t have to shy away from any comparisons, even in the international arena of the profession – quite the opposite, in fact, because everything is just right here.

And the top fit Bavarian formation shows that all the – especially in the music media often overrepresented – US-American genre greats are by no means the only ones who have it when it comes to slamming, nasty Alternative Metal with a fat groove side!

Artwork • “The Essence”
? Agik Purnomo Aji
▶ ?️ Official release: May 06, 2023 ◀

 01. Alive 04:17
 02. Enjoy My Happy Ending 03:32
03. A Ruthless Serenade 04:27
04. A Place Called Home 05:27
05. Disconnect 03:10
 06. Reshuffle The Cards 04:40
07. Stab That Bitch 04:22
 08. The Journey 04:24
 09. Eclose 04:55
 10. One More Song 04:01

total: 43:20 min.
  Marcel Peter & Dennis Herbert

René Müller • Vocals
Matthias Behringer • Vocals, Guitar
Stefan Pschenitza • Guitar
Johannes Schultheiß • Bass
Tobias Guggenmos • Drums