The 3-piece American/German extreme metal band Beyond the Veil release new EP “The Hunter’s Fate”

The Hunter’s Fate is a combination of many extreme metal elements, including death metal, deathcore and black metal. The EP has a strong emphasis on elements and themes present in horror, placing it firmly in the horrorcore genre. 

Based on the horror theme, The Hunter’s Fate is themed after the Loveraft inspired video game Bloodbore and digs deeply into the lore of the hunter’s dream. Father Gascoigne explores the tragedy that is the life of a hunter. Covenant of the Vilebloods looks deeper into the story of Queen Analise of the Castle Cainhurst who is ruler of Vilebloods. Maria’s Nightmare expands on the nightmare that is the winter lantern(s). 

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About the band: 

Beyond the Veil are a 3-piece American and German extreme metal band from Los Angeles, CA. The band formed in early 2022 from a collection of metal heads who wanted to create their own brand of heavy music. The band started as a deathcore act, but as they’ve evolved they have incorporated more elements of black metal, death metal and adding a focus on horror to become the horrorcore act that they are today. 

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses heavy hitting guitars, ferocious vocals and energetic drums with high intensity and horror that attempts to create a brutal sonic soundscape that is equal parts mosh pit worthy and nightmare inducing.


Disturbingly Good


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