FADING NEMESIS Release Re-Imagined Version of “RICH MEN NORTH OF RICHMOND” TODAY, Friday, November 10th


FADING NEMESIS, led by the powerhouse vocalist FARAH NAZ, dropped her re-imagined rendition of Oliver Anthony Music’s hit track, “RICH MEN NORTH OF RICHMOND,” across all major streaming platforms today, Friday, November 10th.

This iconic track, originally penned by the talented duo of Christopher Anthony Lunsford and Oliver Anthony Music, has been skillfully re-imagined by an exceptional team of musical virtuosos, including Dusty BolesFarah NazLarry Elyea, and Jason RiotLarry Elyea’s engineering finesse and masterful touch have polished this musical gem to perfection.

“’RICH MEN NORTH OF RICHMOND’ by Fading Nemesis is a heavier and dare say, an even deeper re-imagination of a song which has taken the world by an awakening storm of anthemic emotion. This version done by FN renders another translation of the poignant story told by Oliver Anthony. This song is for all of us who have ever lost hope and have tasted the real exhaustion of life’s devouring fissures. It’s the voice of us all!” says f a r a h NAZ.

The video was created and co-directed by Farah Naz and directed by Larry Elyea at http://www.mindseyedigital.net/.

FARAH NAZ has lassoed the sensual tones of her Eastern heritage by combining her melodic vocals with the adrenalized energy of Western hard rock. The resonant depth of the EAST & the driving edginess of the WEST have fused seamlessly in her songs.

Born in Pakistan, raised in a suburban town in Texas, and having lived in the antiquated romance of the UK for over a decade, Naz’s life is a blend of rich cultures, dark moments, and revealing stories. The darkness of some extremely soul-mangling childhood events coupled with the richness of culturally diverse experiences have given Naz a powerful and unique ‘voice’.

Naz grew up with a father who is an accomplished sitar player. And throughout her childhood, greats like Ravi Shankar and others of his caliber regularly frequented their home for music gatherings. Alongside this wealthy backdrop of eastern music, her British and American cousins sent her western records from abroad. This audial infusion of east and west cadences in her early years has allowed her to forge an undeniably distinctive signature as a songwriter.

After moving to the States at the age of 10, she began performing at youth rallies, in school musicals, and other large-scale events and festivals. By age 11, she found herself singing to audiences of up to 5000+. With an insatiable desire to communicate truths through songwriting combined with a ferocious drive to command impact into people’s lives, performance became her perfect throne. Eventually, music took her to London, where she worked with some of the best producers & musicians and performed and even held residencies at some of the most renowned London music venues, including The Clapham Grand, The Half Moon Pub, The Troubadour, Notting Hill Arts Club.

A massive family tragedy brought her back home to the States. Naz took some time off to translate the pain into strength. Thus, Fading Nemesis was born. In the next short time, JASON RIOT (guitar), KYLE CHRISTIAN (bass) and CHRIS HAZARD (drums) joined the fN journey.

According to Naz, especially in these disjointed days, “music is the only sensical language that can express our deepest feelings, give our lives palliative hope and unite us, as a human race. Music expresses that which cannot be said and that which cannot remain silent”. Serving this tenet, Naz and her extraordinarily talented band members are preparing to release their debut album.

With the unequaled production and engineering talents of LARRY ELYEA, DUSTY BOLES and TRISTAN HARDING, FN’s debut album is surging with lyrical anthems, robed in rugged honesty and uncaging ‘freedom manifestos’. With raging guitars, primordial bass and drums, hauntingly sonorant vocals and perfectly seasoned production, the songs are blatantly compelling and yet deeply welcoming.

The record is set for release Spring of 2024.

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