FEARLESS RECORDS is pleased to announce that it has signed San Francisco shoe gaze x grunge pop trio chokecherry — comprised of vocalist/guitarist Izzie Clark and bassist/vocalist E. Scarlett Levinson, along with drummer Abri Crocitto — to its global roster.

The group has been steadily building a buzz since meeting on dating app Hinge. The San Francisco Gate praised chokecherry’s “blend of white-hot shoegaze,” calling it “the modern sound of the California sun vaporizing the San Francisco fog,” all the while accurately predicting that chokecherry are on the verge of blowing up.

Today, the band debuts its new single “Afterglow.”

Watch the video here.

“Afterglow” is both an air-swept and grunge-soaked anthem flecked with snotty dissonance, showcasing just how special the band is. “Afterglow” was carefully selected as the first listen from chokecherry’s forthcoming EP and the song is a masterclass in emotive songwriting — and is the instantly relatable result of a painful breakup.

The vintage vibes and dreamy soundscape suits this group of creatives so well, which is further championed by the song’s magical music video directed by Breanna Lynn. Overall, the song is a journey in self-reflection, love lost, letting go, and moving forward. It also hints at the heavier influences that the band incorporates in the upcoming EP, the details of which will be revealed in due course.”This song was born during a bad breakup that I absolutely brought on myself,” says Clark. “Post-split, I was immediately swallowed by both mostly-truthful memories and highly exaggerated fantasies of the not-so-distant past. The first verses were written on a sobbing voice memo. When we came together as a band and expanded on the idea, we made a dream-pop-turned-grunge breakup anthem that really encapsulated the experience. We hope if people hear ‘Afterglow’ and relate to the pain, they’ll find some comfort.”

Levinson adds, “We did get back together after this track was written, but shockingly enough, we still didn’t work out.”

Clark and Levinson may not have worked on the romantic front, but the pair are musical soulmates and it’s beautiful thing to hear and to witness and hear.

Chokecherry will capture the hearts of rock fans everywhere with songs that boast thick, 70s-inspired bass lines laden with strategically placed howls and hums. Their passionate, hypnotic delivery overflows and fills into every word, allowing vulnerability that listeners can truly attach to. If their Spotify streams —2.8 million global streams and counting — are any indication of how many music fans will dig what chokecherry are putting down, then it’s time for 2024 to buckle the F up.


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