Finnish dark metal band MMD released a new single Seeds of Evil. It’s been almost 10 years since their latest EP release ‘Words of Dead God’. 

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Guitarist/vocalist Abyss comments:

“This song was first song I wrote after Ep “Words Of Dead God”, First demos were recorded almost 10 years ago. Many things and especially line up has changed 100 % around me, I have always been player who needs rehearsals to dig out new ideas and other persons to support my ideas, and that really surprised me when I locked in My Studio and after few months released I was all alone with my ideas..
Luckily, technology has made it easier to share ideas with others and even run rehearsals online. When band is located in several places in Finland it´s so much easier to share and even run rehearsals than it was “old days” in 90´s when you really have to be in rehearsal room..  One funny things is that this line up has never met online..”

MMD is founded in 2008 by Abyss (Beherit, ex-Chaosweaver, ex-Mystification).

The band has released demo in 2009 and EP ‘Words Of Dead God’ in 2010. 

The band is currently making tracks for their upcoming full-length album. 

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