ANYVERSE release the infectious “Graveyard People” this Halloween weekend with SODEH Records!

The Finnish Hard Rock trio Anyverse combines humor and creativity in their musical cauldron. The band, is following up their last release Hightide in Lapland with the powerfully emotional single Please Pretty Please with a Halloween themed single!

“Graveyard People was born by an accident. I found a random chord while strumming a guitar and it sounded pretty cool and haunting. It turned out to be the main riff for the song. I later made a simple demo of the song and the bandmates liked it. At first the song was played live as a joke since Anyverse thought no one would ever like this kind of music piece.

The song tells a story about a situation where everyone and everything seems frightening and hopeless. Anyverse decided to release the song as a Halloween special, and make a self-produced music video for the song too!” explains front man Jimi Halminen

“GRAVEYARD PEOPLE” is available on:


& all other digital platforms!


Anyverse is an energetic rock band from Sodankylä, Finland. The focus is in making real, loud and hooky rock music great again. Sing-along choruses, growling riffs, and emotional lyrics make a great rock band. Anyverse has all of the above. The creativity of this band flows past their music and into imagery and videography as can be seen in all their self made covers and music videos.

The band started as a DIY studio project in 2018. By the time 2022 rolled around they found themselves practicing for shows to promote their latest releases. The band is currently in process of recording a full length album due to be released in 2023.


Jimi Halminen – Guitar, Vox

Sami Alatalo – Bass

Rami Tammela – Drums


Disturbingly Good


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