Finnish post-metal band Sargassus released the first single Breed of the Exodus

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Finnish post-metal band Sargassus released the first single Breed of the Exodus from their upcoming EP!

Promo pic by Joonas Leskinen

Finnish post-metal band Sargassus released their first single ‘Breed of the Exodus’ from their upcoming EP.  An EP named ‘King of the Sun’ is set to be released on August 17th 2023 via Inverse Records.  

The band comments:
“Breed of the Exodus, is an intriguing mix of the band’s softest delivery so far coupled with hints of some of the harshest and most brutal parts in their catalogue. There are changes in time signatures, smooth grooves and full-on double bass hammering, whereas the guitars and bass alternate between beautiful melodies and dark tunes, creating surprising and devastating changes in the atmosphere. With its impressive length of 6 minutes, the song is still sure to keep the listener interest all the way through and while offering a rollercoaster of feelings on a trip to Sargassus-land!

The vocals represent the full EP in that they are more versatile, brutal and beautiful than ever. Thematically, as the first single of the upcoming EP, the song functions as an interlude between the chronicles of the king of the sun and the queen of the moon. While their armies are locked in cosmic battle over the ownership of Venus, their respective kingdoms crumble. “Breed of the exodus” refers to the unfortunate masses that get caught in the crossfire of two warring sides. While leaders command their conquest from the comfort of their seats of power, the ordinary people suffer the consequences. Like Sisyphus of Greek legend, they must push on, even when their efforts amount to nothing while the war machinery rages on. They suffer, they go hungry, and they are buried under rubble, while their leaders in their endless opulence seem blind to their agony. The stone must be moved, but another one will always come”

 LISTEN Breed of the Exodus single:


Operating somewhere in the depths of post-metal and progressive death metal, Sargassus is sure to attract the fans of many metal subgenres with their unique style. The band was established more than ten years ago by guitarist Teemu Leskinen and drummer Matias Rokio. Years of playing and practising together laid the ground for what Sargassus is today. The debut EP The Giant was composed over a period of 2 years and finalized when Matias Stenman joined the band on vocals in 2020. The following single Tiamat and later EP The Albatross introduced improved production quality coupled with all the more progressive touch. The band’s music combines progressive and heavy riffs with dynamic drumming and atmospheric interludes. Interestingly, most songs are composed intuitively in live jamming sessions by Rokio and Leskinen. Stenman is the crazy mastermind responsible for the poetic aspect of the songs and Jukka Teppola wakes up the lower (fretless) frequencies with his own elegant style. Thematically the band draws its inspiration from mythology and literature.

Sargassus – Breed of the Exodus (single 2023)

Composed by Teemu Leskinen, Matias Rokio & Matias Stenman

Lyrics byMatias Stenman

ISRC: FI3FC2376903

Mix & Master: Samu Oittinen

Vocal production: Raging Cannon

Single cover by Matias Stenman


Teemu Leskinen – Guitar
Matias Rokio – Drums
Matias Stenman – Vocals
Jukka Teppola – Bass