Fireproven Interview

By Keith Clement (Editor-In-Chief)


Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editor In Chief, How you guys doing?

We are doing great! It’s summer so we’re swimming and arranging our new material for the next album.

Finland is full of Surprises for the World, When it comes to tourism, Landscapes, Culture and above all music, how do you guys feel about making music from a land that has so much to give?

Well, it’s hard to think like that when that’s the country you have born into but of course we love our country very much. I think that Finnish nature is very inspiring element when you are composing and doing lyrics. It’s at the same time beautiful but also melancholic.

Tell me how it all began for the band, so that the readers and the new fans can know more about FireProven?

At first we had two bands. One was with me and our guitarist/vocalist Janne and other I had with my brother Ilari who is our keyboard player. These bands were active at different cities. After one year we decided to unite these bands and that was the beginning of Fireproven. At the very beginning we also found our bass player and growl singer Juha. He is Janne’s brother so solution was very easy.

Your debut album Future Diary was a big hit, how do you feel about that, and what is the new recording going to be?

I think we are all proud of Future diary. It still sounds very good. Next album will be different but natural step forward. There’s little bit less orchestral stuff and more guitar based material. It’s exciting to see what fans think about it.

You have planned to release your next album in early 2020, do you want to give a bit of a news about the upcoming one?

All songs of the album are now ready and we are producing those with Ricardo B. Rodrigues from Fascination street studios. At September we record drums with Rosku Lohinivia in Sonic pump studios. Other instruments and vocals we record mostly at our home studios. We release our first single at this December and whole album is out at February 2020.

The band is know for mixing Scandinavian metal with Progressive elements, do we expect the same of there is going to be any change in the kind of music you going to give us?

That’s still good definition about our music style. There’s many new influences in our new album, but basic building blocks are still the same. A good thing in progressive music is possibility to mix everything interesting together.

What are the plans for this year?

Well, our main focus is to do an excellent album. This year is going to be all about that.

Have a nice summer everyone!


Nuutti Hannula/ Fireproven

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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