First HEAVING EARTH live shows after 6 years

After six years, Prague death metal band HEAVING EARTH returns to club and festival stages and will present their new album live for the first time. HEAVING EARTH (contemporary death metal, Czechia) are one of the most distinctive death metal bands, pushing the boundaries of intensity and creativity with every record. The Prague-based band has a new, globally highly acclaimed album „Darkness of God“, which was released last year on Lavadome Productions and which scored highly with reviewers and fans in various charts for the past year.
Six years after their last live performance, HEAVING EARTH is set to return to play live again. During their 2023 shows, the band will focus on the material from their highly acclaimed latest album, „Darkness Of God“. HEAVING EARTH’s upcoming shows will feature a new line-up that has undergone several major changes in recent years.

The line-up feature the long-term guitarists Tomas Halama (also ALTARS ABLAZE) and Martin Meyer (also SUPREME CONCEPTION), Tomas Ledvina on the bass and, as a very special guest, the phenomenal Giulio Galati (NERO DI MARTE, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, MASS INFECTION and others) on the drums, who was a sessionm drummer for the „Darkness Of God“ album.. Michal Kusak (also ALTARS ABLAZE and SUPREME CONCEPTION), who recorded the band’s 2010 debut „Diabolic Prophecies“, has returned to the band as the full-time vocalist. In June HEAVING EARTH will play two concerts in the Czech Republic (in Prague and Pilsen) and will also perform at the Brutal Assault festival.

HEAVING EARTH’s main live appearances in 2023:
June 15, 2023 // Prague, CZ //
June 17, 2023 // Milano, Italy at HELL BRIGADE IX //
June 19, 2023 // Pilsen, CZ //
August 9, 2023 // Jaromer, CZ – BRUTAL ASSAULT 2023 //
October 28, 2023 // Prague, CZ – PRAGUE DEATH MASS IV //

Heaving Earth