FISTER: Decibel Premieres “Disgraced Possession” From Demoralizing Doom Sect; No Spirit Within Full-Length To See Release This May Via Listenable

FISTER has emerged as one of the nastiest strains of doom metal, adept at fusing the narcotic tension of drowning in misery with the planet-splitting intensity of devout amplifier worship. 
The aptly titled No Spirit Within is the impending, soul-searing new full-length from Missouri-based demoralizing doom trio FISTER.
Manifesting a sound so poisonous, polluted, and nihilistic that “sludge,” “doom,” “funeral,” and “death” are the only words close to suitable in description, on No Spirit Within the Midwestern outfit are overpowering and relentless at a city-leveling volume like a Sisyphean artillery brigade cursed to push two hundred tons of speaker cabinets uphill forever.
Decibel Magazine is currently offering up the mutinous sounds of “Disgraced Possession” for public feasting noting, “Every bit as dense, depressed, and haunting as their previous output, new song ‘Disgraced Possession’ uses dissonant guitar playing and depressive melodies to underscore the slow crawl the song moves at.”
Adds bassist/vocalist Kenny Snarzyk, “It’s about being a miserable spirit wandering the earth aimlessly forever. Real cheery stuff.”
Get emotionally devoured by “Disgraced Possession,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.
If you missed it, check out the band’s previously-released video for “Star Swallower,” still playing at Cvlt Nation, at THIS LOCATION.
FISTER‘s No Spirit Within was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis and will be released via Listenable Records on CD, LP, and cassette formats in Europe on April 17th followed by a US street date of May 18th. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION.
Hailing from the confluence of infectious disease, arbitrary violence, and rivers of industrial filth that is St. Louis, Missouri, FISTER has been sublimating their brutally toxic environment into a deliberate and belligerent challenge to the eardrums since 2009. Comprised of Snarzyk, drummer Kirk Gatterer, and guitarist/vocalist Marcus Newstead, this trio converts an eclectic swarm of extreme metal influences into the sonic analogue of trench warfare, concussive, bloody, and exhausting. Honed to grisly sharpness through years of performance, they have shared stages with countless musicians, including supporting sludge icons Eyehategod and Crowbar and appearances at the SXSW, Psycho Las Vegas, and Roadburn festivals. Pairing their seismic live offerings with more than a dozen releases, they have literally poured their blood into the work along the way – for their 2012 EP Violence, the band members had blood drawn and mixed with the ink used to print the liner notes.
From the hazy bulldozer bongripping of debut LP Bronsonic to 2015’s impossibly dismal IV, a gruesome and lysergic forty-four-minute long single track that tests the limits of adjectives like heavy or bleak, their sound is continually (d)evolving. Consistently finding new ways to hit bottom in a sequence of splits with fellow underground juggernauts Dopethrone, Primitive Man, and Teeth among others, FISTER has emerged as one of the nastiest strains of doom metal, adept at fusing the narcotic tension of drowning in misery with the planet-splitting intensity of devout amplifier worship.


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