Folk metal band DIABOŁ BORUTA released album”Borutus Akustikus”

Folk metal band DIABOŁ BORUTA released an album
Borutus Akustikus” with songs in an acoustic version

DIABOŁ BORUTA is a band based in the capital of Podkarpacie in Poland. They are active on the music scene since 2010. They play play folk metal, but on the new, fifth studio album, it shows its most recognizable songs in an acoustic version. This special release will take you on a journey through time and space to the land of the Slavs and their captivating music.

The album “Borutus Akustikus” was created after the charity concert “Solidarity with Ukraine”, which took place at the Wanda Siemaszkowa Theater in Rzeszów, during which theater actors, familiar musicians and friends performed and sang with the band. The acoustic album presents the band’s older songs in acoustic versions, with additional instruments and arrangements. The album also includes one previously unreleased track!

The leader of the band – Paweł Leniart – is responsible for recording, mixing and mastering.

Album was released on March 17, 2023 by the Polish label Via Nocturna. The album can be purchased directly from the band or webstore.


01. Wietrznik
02. Zency i Poludnica
03. Pielgrzym
04. Bylem ongi debem
05. Czarownica
06. Rusałka
07. Srebrne Zmije
08. Sobotki
09. W moim ogrodecku 

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