FORGOTTEN SILENCE with new album after four years onstage

Experimentators FORGOTTEN SILENCE have not stood on stage since December 2019. This year, in addition to their thirty years on the scene, they have gifted themselves a new album with absolutely magnificent reactions,
which they will present in the Czech Republic and Slovakia during the May weekends.

They have been active since the autumn of 1993 and for three decades they have been playing with genres, crossing and merging them and turning all the rules associated with them upside down. FORGOTTEN SILENCE are not afraid of any musical genre and are one of the absolutely most distinctive and interesting bands
the music scene has to offer. Worldwide.

Moreover, this year they are opening their fourth decade and their refreshed line-up, which after more than 20 years again incorporates female vocals into their sound, released a new album “Vemork Konstrukt”, which this time returns to the metal base, although in the case of FORGOTTEN SILENCE applies nothing.

However, this is not just another record where FORGOTTEN SILENCE blend genres in a unique way. “Vemork Konstrukt” marks a new path for them. On the one hand, it comprehensively connects their musical past of the past 30 years, which includes everything from ambient, art rock to metal, but at the same time, it reveals what the new line-up of experimental band from Brno (scattered all over the Czech republic) could be able. And the result is more than once astonishing. Not only with their clean modern sound and great mixing but above all with their balance and ability to look to the future.

“Vemork Konstrukt“ (YouTube) on CD, LP and MC was released by MagickDiskMusic, a limited LP box by Doomentia Records. FORGOTTEN SILENCE are promoting the new album live for three weekends in May, including a trip to Slovakia. They will be accompanied by Slovakian DEPRESY on most of the shows, promoting their album “Psycold”.

In the summer, the band will play several festival shows, such as the Brutal Assault festival.


  1. 5. 2023 SK, Trenčín, Lúč + Depresy, Krudus >
  2. 5. 2023 CZ, Jablunkov, Southock + Depresy >
  3. 5. 2023 CZ, Val. Meziříčí, M-klub + Depresy, The Book, Newspeak >
  4. 5. 2023 CZ, Praha, Chapeau Rouge + Voluptas >
  5. 5. 2023 CZ, Brno, Melodka + Depresy, Slať >
  6. 5. 2023 CZ, Pardubice, Ponorka + Depresy, Hypnos >
Forgotten Silence