France’s heavy-blues ritual trio BIRDSTONE unveil incantatory new video for their scorching single “Hotline” : WATCH

Photo Lise Lefebvre

Ritual-blues/mystic-rock outfit BIRDSTONE present a first track written with their new drummer Benjamin Rousseau (The Necromancers).  New single “Hotline” offers a direct link to the unconscious. The flamboyant video clip directed by Léa Largeau skillfully illustrates the song with a fine touch of humour.

French heavy-blues trio BIRDSTONE unite the soulful energy of blues with the power and richness of heavy-rock. The Black Angels, Greenleaf and The Devil And The Almighty Blues merge in a fresh, powerful sounding. Straightforward and hard-hitting, Léa Largeau’s video bridges the gap between real and afterlife. Polished images, subtle special effects and even pyrotechnics set against a sparkling blues-rock backdrop make this 4-minute footage a real treat!

The video “Hotline” was shot by Léa Largeau with the help of Samuel Motte-dit-Falisse (camera) and Basile Chevalier-Coudrain (editing). Pyrotechnics by Sébastien Bridier.
Director Léa Largeau comments: “The themes that emerge from this first single are rage and revolt, as well as rush and urgency. These latter ideas go hand in hand with the desire and need for ‘immediate’ creation felt by Birdstone when recording this single. There’s also the idea of going back to nature, to oneself; this is the first time in Birdstone’s history (both sonically and visually), that the band members are in the heart of the action.”

BIRDSTONE New single “Hotline”

French heavy-blues trio BIRDSTONE unite the soulful energy of blues with the power and richness of heavy-rock. At the crossroads of mythological themes, esotericism and simple human passions, they narrates the inner struggles of human beings, as well as their mystical aspirations. Basile, Edwige and Benjamin draw their inspiration from rural life, just as the bluesmen did in the Delta in the late 19th century. Combining arid melancholy and sticky riffs, the three-piece move with disconcerting ease between ethereal atmospheres, dramatic tensions and impetuous climaxes. Mourning, loneliness, doubt, corruption, but also rage and hope are all impulses and guides in the interweaving of the trio’s melodies and lyrics, constantly navigating between grandiloquence and intimacy.
Their debut EP ‘The Cage’, released in February 2017, establishes the foundations of the band’s musical universe: a kind of mystical trance, mixing the fiery spirit of rock with spiritual and religious topics. Their debut album ‘Seer’ (February 2019) has paved the way for the band’s international development. They appeared on the lineup of major festivals such as Hellfest, Terres du Son as well as opening for Yarol Poupaud, TriggerFinger or King Khan & The Shrines. In 2022, just as the old world was collapsing, Birdstone releases a new chapter: ‘Loss’.
The golden trio have now entered a new cycle with the first single ‘Hotline’. New album is on its way…

Basile Chevalier-Coudrain: vocals, guitar
Edwige Thirion: bass
Benjamin Rousseau: drums


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