French Modern Metal Combo PERSEIDE Present “Siren In The Distance” Music Video


Siren In The Distance [Music Video]


Directed by Alban Verneret

Huge thanks to Théâtre de Vienne, Stéphane Begou, Pierre Payen, Loïc Goubet, Massimo Pucci and Ludovic Cucherat!

“Siren In The Distance” is a track taken from PERSEIDE’s album “The Only Thing”, which is due for re-release on 10 12 2021 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“PERSEIDE deliver a modern metal ranging from pop to metalcore, with heavy rhythms and old school guitars, catchy choruses, all tinged with electro synths and intense vocals…”

Line Up:

Anthony Segarra

Guillaume Lafosse

Julien Lanoiselèe

Adrien Rossero