My name Is David Maloney, CEO and founder of Metalheads Forever(MAGAZINE). I started this community/idea in 2010 so that metal lovers like myself and thousands of other like minded people had a place to go and share an identity as Metalheads. A place of unity to be shared with fellow Metal lovers all over the World. We’ve all come to realize the world has become smaller with the World Wide Web. Now we have a platform to build a foundation a infrastructure so to speak. It started with one member and seven + years later here we sit at 133,400 loyal and active members in our Metal Community.

It was at the 30,000 member mark I realized we had something interesting, not only die hard lovers of metal were joining but novice fans, curious fans joined us to see what this metal community was all about. Most liked what they saw and started adding their own friends and family, I than realized the power of networking and how fast it could spread. It wasn’t long bands starting knocking on our door looking for exposure and of course we accommodated and continue to. It didn’t stop there, than agents, labels and other business entities began to contact me with other various opportunities to consider. At this point I knew we were onto something very special and unique and full of endless possibilities.

Moreover, at that juncture I decided to add more communities to our already existing mother community, we created channels for all Genres and Sub-Genres of Heavy Metal. That was the start to our expansion, we also made ourselves present on all social platforms. I decided it was time to make this all come together but we needed a home base, so we developed and constructed our own Website. Once that was completed I felt there has to be more. we needed a straw to stir the drink, with that came the idea to create our own Magazine and have it hosted on said website. At this point things were getting very, very interesting and I wanted to spread the word further and decided to start a Podcast and Youtube channel as well.

I’m thinking we have the potential to be a powerhouse in the World Of Multi Metal Media. The infrastructure and foundation is now in place and ready to take us to a new unique level with endless possibilities.

Within the past year we came in contact with some great friends at Alpha Omega Management. Over the past several months we have discussed the possibility of coming together and forming a partnership. Alpha Omega are already dominating with a new way of thinking in terms of band Management and touring and recording. Both Entities feel working together can bring both a unique direction and fresh approach to ensure the best quality of services to each bands individual needs and much much more. Moving upward, onward and forward to provide the best opportunities possible.

David Maloney/CEO and Founder of Metalheads Forever Multi Metal Media Corp.


Disturbingly Good


Metalheads Forever is a non-profit organization. However, if you like what we do, all support is welcome.

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