GAEREA Added to Knotfest’s “Pulse of the Maggots 2×21” Lineup

Cathartic black metal outfit GAEREA have been added to the lineup of Knotfest’s “Pulse of the Maggots 2×21” online festival! The band’s brand new and never-before-seen “The Bronze Halls” performance will air in conjunction with the festival on June 25 via the official Twitch channel! The festival will start at 3:00 P.M. EDT and will also feature sets from Hyro the Hero, As Everything Unfolds, Lotus Eater, Baest, Elyne, Cult of Lilth, Abbie Falls, Capra, Superbloom, Earthists, Pupil Slicer & Druid. A trailer for the festival can be seen HERE.

The inaugural Pulse of the Maggots kicked off in 2020 as a response to the continued pause of live music across the globe. Taking the festival model the digital platform, the first-ever Pulse of the Maggots featured sets from highly touted aggressors like Tallah, Orbit Culture, Death Tour, Year of the Knife, Hacktivist, Wargasm, 156 Silence and many more.

ICYMI: GAEREA also recently announced their collaboration with Portuguese guitar strap manufacturer STRAP for the creation of custom made ‘Sigil’ guitar straps! The three unique and high quality leather models will also be available for purchase via the official GAEREA shop HERE.’

Limbo’ is out NOW and can be streamed, downloaded, and ordered HERE.

The cover arwtork for ‘Limbo,’ which is created by the talented Eliran Kantor, can be found below along with the tracklist.

Cover artwork: painted by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom)

1. To Ain (11:15)
2. Null (6:01)
3. Glare (7:16)
4. Conspiranoia (9:15)
5. Urge (4:50)
6. Mare (13:11)
Total playing time: 51:48

Style: Cathartic Black Metal

Something rises in the bleak and blackened skies of society as we know it. Vortex community GAEREA are about to bestow their Undying Sigil to the masses, with their brand-new full length ‘Limbo’!

GAEREA is a black metal quintet from Portugal. Emerging in the beginning of 2016, the band released their first (self-titled) EP on November 11, 2016 through Everlasting Spew Records. The EP received many praises from the worldwide press, and it was not long before the first full length “Unsettling Whispers” (2018) was presented.

With that, GAEREA had the pleasure to perform and tour festivals in Europe and China, including performances with Jupiterian in April 2019 and a headlining Chinese tour in May 2019. The band already performed at festivals like SWR Barroselas Metalfest (PT), De Mortem et Diabolum (DE), Throne Fest (BE), Frantic Fest (IT), Eresia Metal Fest (IT), Amplifest (PT) and many more. During the fall of 2019, the band did an extensive tour with label mates NUMENOREAN under the Doomstar Bookings wing throughout Europe. 

Are you finally ready for the tale of the Fallen Society and the journey to the vast Void, the only good in Life? Let us begin then. In the first hopeless circle, on too great and Undeniable Nothingness. WE ARE GAEREA.

Line-up: unknown

Studio/recording: Demigod Recordings (PT)
Mix/Master: Miguel Tereso

Available formats:
LP in various colours 

For more on GAEREA, visit the band’s official FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMBANDCAMP, and TWITTER.