The extreme metal madness continues with Gangs of Old Ladies coming back to the table with their new single “Raped by Ghosts”. Like all of the band’s tracks, this one downloads free from their Facebook page with a matching horror novella.

Based on the story of a vile character whose lusts and tastes for dark sexual gratification see him acquiring a fabled bracelet that is rumored to hold the souls of various deviants and despicable sexual rogues including the famed “Marquis De Sade” bound within; but he unwittingly gets more than he bargained for and it quickly becomes a twisted, tragic tale of remorse and regrets leading to an inevitable conclusion…

The band’s long-time lead guitarist David Andersson of Soilwork was unavailable for this track due to scheduling conflicts so the band reached out to a longtime friend the legendary Joe Haley from Psycroptic!

Haley laid down an absolutely mind-blowing mixture of leads and counter-rhythms; creating a true metal masterpiece in his wake.

With the ghostly context of the track, the band also had their acquaintance Clemens Wijers from black metal masters Carach Angren write and perform the stunning and ghoulish little intro that kicks off the track.
Time changes, vocal twists and amazing guitar work from both Joe Haley and main songwriter Simon Unknown make this an incredibly unique track and prove the band is in a constant state of flux that keeps fans coming back for more slices of new metal flavors.

This is one track you definitely have to check out.
Vocalist and author Jekyll Jones state: ” This opportunity to work with Joe just showed the versatility and unique sound we have to offer. 
As a huge fan of contrast I think this track is amazing and it is only just the beginning as we plan on bringing our original stylings to the music world for years to come!”

Paul Murphy from Utopia Records says “HEAVIER THAN DEMON SHIT AND TWICE AS TASTY!!!”

The band have already commenced work on their next single with David Andersson already laying guitars and the decision was made for a permanent lead contrast with infamous whammy solo 
madman Rick Rozz (ex Death/massacre) joining the band full-time as a second guitarist!


Disturbingly Good


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