Gerald Peter Project’s “Incremental Changes, Pt. 2” Is A Breathtaking Rush Of Proggy Instrumentals

Album Guests Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Julie Elven, Martin Miller

Vienna’s Gerald Peter of Gerald Peter Project is a talented composer, keyboardist, and seaboard player who has been conjuring an immersive project that aims to take hold of the listener and catapult them into an imaginative musical journey. He came out with the debut “Incremental Changes, Pt. 1” in 2017, comprised of six movements that transcended genre boundaries with elements of progressive rock, cinematic, jazz, and electronic music. He rides this momentum into “Part 2”, ten more exquisite themed tracks that feature versatile drummer Aaron ThierDream Theater keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess, and the award-winning soundtrack vocalist Julie Elven (singer on Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft OST), and the high-skilled guitarist Martin Miller. Gerald explains the album in his own words:

“It is a story being told through melodies and rhythms. I express these mainly through the piano and synth lead sounds and also heavy synth bass lines. Like in a symphony, melodies and themes are recurring. The album starts with epic and heavy prog, gets a bit more calm and gentle in the middle, and then gets more up-tempo towards the end, in the big finale it gets epic and heavy prog again.”

A heavy, cerebral experience, Gerald wants Gerald Peter Project listeners to close their eyes, forget everything about their surroundings, and their real life, and find themselves completely lost in the music, going on a journey with the music and “wake up” again when the album finishes.

Compared to Part 1, the second part has more sound design, more production and sounds more full. The ambient aura is reminiscent of epic futuristic battles, with many layers that will tantalize a wide variety of fans. Gerald, who enjoys improvising on the piano, writes all the music and then passes it to Aaron Thier who adds his own style to the drum parts.

A cinematic jaunt, full of complexity and energy awaits those curious enough to dive into this fantastic release. Fans of Dream Theater, Hans Zimmer, and Tigran Hamasyan should take special note.

Gerald Peter Project‘s “Incremental Changes, Pt. 2” is available as of June 24, 2022 via GRIDMusic.

Digital album –

Album Promo Video –

Music Video – Enigma (ft. Julie Elven & Drummer Aaron Thier) –

Music Video – Flow (ft. Julie Elven) –

Track Listing
1 – Prologue (7th Movement) [3:22]
2 – Enigma (8th Movement) [6:40]
3 – Flow (9th Movement) [4:29]
4 – Transformation (10th Movement) [5:00]
5 – Submerge (11th Movement) [6:19]
6 – Gleam (12th Movement) [4:57]
7 – Timeless (13th Movement) [4:46]
8 – Pulse (14th Movement) [5:51]
9 – Epilogue (15th Movement) [3:15]
10 – Finale (16th Movement) [10:02]

Album Credits:
Keyboard, Seaboard, Composition, Production: Gerald Peter
Drums: Aaron Thier
Backing Vocals: Julie Elven
Guest Appearances:
Keyboard Solo by Jordan Rudess on Track 10 Finale from minute 5:42
Guitar Solo by Martin Miller at Track 8 from minute 4:46
Drum Recording Setup, Mixing & Mastering: Mike Wolff @ melonFM
Album Artwork by: Florian Solly /
Member of AKM (Austrian organization for composer)

For more info:


Gerald Peter Project is a crossover genre transcending music project starring Gerald Peter as the keyboard / seaboard player accompanied by the versatile drummer Aaron Thier. Gerald leads through a musical story with his ongoing compositions by combining different elements of prog rock, neoclassical, jazz, cinematic and electronic music.

Gerald Peter founded the project in 2014 as an creative outlet when he was a working musician on a cruise ship playing dance and party music everyday. The creative outlet continued when he was working for ROLI as a Seaboard product specialist in 2015 & 2016. He collected many musical ideas over many years by improvising on the piano and seaboard, inspired by his favourite artists over a variety of genres (but mainly prog) and inspired by gradual and drastic shifts in his life (incremental changes). After having a huge amount of music material, he thought it would be a good idea to compose, based on that material, some concert music being able to record, produce and perform his own music without the need of an entire band around him which was at this point in this life impossible to have because of ongoing traveling. 

In the beginning it was an entire solo project consisting of only Gerald on the keyboard/seaboard and a backing track which was created by himself. But after many living room concerts during the demo phase of his project he decided to bring the project to the next level and add some live drums. He asked his former band mate Aaron Thier from Circle of Illusion, who was a great fit for the project and music. They recorded the digital EP & Incremental Changes, Pt. 1 in 2016 together as a live video shoot recording in Vienna, which was released on YouTube and Bandcamp in 2017. In the years from 2017 – 2019 several live shows has taken place in many different locations, e.g. in Vienna, Nuremberg, Toronto, Budapest and in Anaheim, California at the NAMM show 2019. In 2019 Gerald Peter Project released two new performance videos and singles “Enigma” and “Flow” which are both part of the current album “Incremental Changes, Pt. 2”.

GERALD PETER PROJECT incorporates self-made instrument reactive visuals at its live shows, which are created by a MIDI visualiser program Gerald developed by himself. Gerald was working as programmer in his 20s and has a degree in media informatics. Some of his visuals can be seen in the music video of “Flow” which was shot in the 8K projection room “deep space” in Linz, Austria and during live concerts.

Gerald Peter, born in 1986, is a composer, producer and keyboardist from Vienna who has already worked for Jordan Rudess Music as a co-composer (for the albums “Rockestra” & “Heartfelt”), for Cirque Du Soleil as a touring show-band musician and for ROLI as an international seaboard specialist and demonstrator. Gerald Peter has previously released albums with his bands Circle of Illusion and Inspirational Corner as well.


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