Gods Of Decay – Collective Psychosis [Official Video]
Taken from the album: Collective Psychosis | Sliptrick Records | 2021
Directed by Nëmm

Collective Psychosis is the new music video from Gods Of Decay for their first full-length album of the same name. The music video features vibrant colours and dynamic cuts inspired by cyberpunk visuals of such movie masterpieces as ‘Bladerunner’, the aesthetics of which are coincidentally reminiscent of Tokyo’s neon city lights, adding a tinge of the occult from ‘The Exorcist’.

The band, in its peculiar manner, is aspiring to incorporate the visual elements that are not generally considered to mix together making up for a bizarre but satisfying experience.

Watch video here: https://youtu.be/R3oAUpPloh0

Gods Of Decay – Collective Psychosis [album]
Collective Psychosis, the first full-length album by the Tokyo-based post-grunge/gothic metal band, Gods Of Decay is an eclectic interlacing of genres, styles, sounds, noises, images, ideas and words. Heavy and aggressive guitar riffs and raw noise are intertwined with soft beautiful melody lines accompanied by the songs’ digital ‘heartbeats’ which give them a sensuous edge …read more

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Collective Psychosis | Released December 7th, 2021 on Sliptrick Records

Gods Of Decay are:
Anna – Vocals | Frost – Guitar | Yorke – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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